CVS Haul & Empties

I generally buy two or three skincare or makeup items at a time but it’s been quite awhile since I’ve done a proper multi-purchase beauty haul. However, as it happens, I had some CVS ExtraBucks that were about to expire, I was interested in trying something new, and I also needed to restock some skincare staples. The stars were aligned for a haul.

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Target Haul

It’s been awhile since I’ve purchased anything from Target but my hair dryer up and died on me recently, so I needed to get a replacement. My old hair dryer was at least 10 years old and I’m not even sure what brand it was because the brand logo rubbed off eons ago.

I decided to go with this particular Remington Ionic Ceramic model which I saw online at because it’s inexpensive ($14.99), the brand itself seems to have a good reputation and I liked the color. It’s extremely basic with three heat settings, two speeds and a cool blast button but honestly that’s even more than I need. I only ever use the highest speed and hottest heat settings on blow dryers anyway, so any extra functions are useless to me. And 90% of the time, I let my hair air dry naturally.

I’ve used the blow dryer 3x already and I might exchange it for a different hair dryer. Rather than buttons that you have to push, if you want a specific speed of heat level you need to slide the switch to the setting you want. The problem I’m having is the slider doesn’t slide smoothly and gets stuck. Maybe it’ll get smoother with use but I think I’ll probably have to trade this hair dryer in for a different model that has buttons or switches that I can click to designated settings.

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