Revlon ColorStay Crème Eye Shadow – Praline

Revlon ColorStay Crème Eye Shadow – Praline

Revlon recently came out with a new collection of  crème eye shadows. I only saw four or five neutral shades in a special display at CVS but if you check Revlon’s website it seems like they’ll be rolling out even more shades soon. I picked up Praline, a beige pink with a shimmery finish and it was $8.49 which is about the same price as Maybelline’s Color Tattoos.

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Small CVS Haul

Not too exciting but Revlon’s on sale this week at CVS so I decided to get one of the Super Lustrous lipsticks in the shade Rum Raisin ($6.99). The Super Lustrous lipsticks are okay but not my favorite formula — I prefer balmier, glossier lipsticks — but I wanted to try one of their darker shades.

While there I spotted a special display for the new Revlon Colorstay Creme Eye Shadows ($8.49 each). There were only four colors available and I considered buying the two lightest eye shadows but thought it was probably wisest to only buy one in case the formula turned out to be not so good. I decided to go with 730 Praline which appears to be a shimmery pinkish beige. Here’s hoping I like it!

Almay Butter Kiss Lipstick in Nude Light-Medium & Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle

Almay Butter Kiss Lipstick in Nude Light-Medium & Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle

The other day I was cleaning out my closet and rediscovered my Revlon Pink Truffle Lip Butter, which I’d thought I’d lost, in an unused makeup pouch in an empty suitcase.

I started using Pink Truffle again and it just reminded me of how much I loved it. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it once or twice on the blog as one of my favorite MLBB lipsticks.  However, using it again, I also realized how similar it is to another lipstick in my current makeup rotation: Almay’s Butter Kiss Lipstick in Nude Light-Medium. Both are fantastic lipsticks but between the two I prefer the Almay version.

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2015 Beauty Favorites

These are all of the beauty products that I loved and used consistently throughout 2015. I tried my hardest not to include any recent discoveries from November/December because I thought it was premature categorizing them “Best of 2015” beauty products when I barely got two months’ worth of use from them. Oftentimes there are products that seem to work great during one season and then perform dismally the next. I kind of want to see how some of the newer products I’ve purchased work in the summertime before I declare they’re a “Best of the Year” product.

With the exception of the e.l.f. Smudge Pot and beautyblender PRO, I believe I’ve blogged about everything else before so I’ll link you to those posts.

In no particular order, my 2015 favorites are:

Although highlighter is one of my favorite makeup categories, I didn’t pick a favorite this year. My favorite and most used highlighter was the RMS Living Luminizer but it was dethroned in December by Tata Harper’s Very Illuminating cream highlighter. It’s gorgeous and has worked its way into my everyday makeup routine but I didn’t feel right including it in my annual favorites list so soon. I’ll definitely be including it in my January favorites though. And I didn’t want to include the RMS highlighter as a “Best of…” product since I had already discovered something better.