Orange and Nude Lip Color Swatches

Orange and Nude Lip Colors

Top row: Avon Tangerine, e.l.f. Natural Nymph, Jordana Mango Delight, Jordana Fresh Melon, Jordana Brown Sugar, Maybelline Sugar Plum Ice, Maybelline Peach Colada, Maybelline Nude Blush, Maybelline Peach Mocha, Nicka K 920 Orange Tint, Nicka K 925 Power Plum
Bottom row: Palladio Berry, Palladio Naturally Bronze, Palladio Bronzy Pink, Palladio Orange, Revlon Tutti Frutti, Rimmel Spotlight Beige, Wet n Wild 902C Bare It All, Wet n Wild 903C Just Peachy, Wet n Wild 516C Sunset Peach, Wet n Wild 547B Breeze

Last, but not least, here’s my collection of lips colors that lean more orange and nude. I’ve included the few terracotta and coral shades I own in this category.

I don’t like concealer or “blank out your lips” nude colors so I only have two (e.l.f. Natural Nymph and Wet n Wild Bare It All). The “nudes” I have are mostly very sheer shades that add shine but not a lot of color.

The oranges, however, are quickly becoming my favorite category of lip products. I don’t have many and the ones I do have tend to be on the sheerer side. I’ve tried a few but I really can’t pull off bright, opaque, orange lips. I prefer an understated, natural orange tint (if there’s such a thing).

Nicka K Orange Tint is a very versatile true orange (think Crayola crayon Orange) that you can wear full blast or blotted for a more subtle, orange stain. The only thing I don’t care for is the scent which is strongly fruity/floral but, hey, it’s 99 cents. And Palladio Orange and Revlon Tutti Frutti are great options if you’re looking for affordable sheer, glossy oranges.

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Brown and Berry Lip Color Swatches

Brown and Berry Lip Colors

Top row: Clinique Black Honey, CoverGirl TruShine Blushberry, e.l.f. Blissful Berry, e.l.f. Rosy Tan, Jordana Berry Colada, Jordana Grape-tini, Jordana Sugar Cookie, Jordana Sugar Plum, Kate Spade Supercalifragilipstick! Bashful Blush, Maybelline Peach Mocha, Maybelline ? (unlabeled), NYC Peony Kiss, 412 NYC Mauve Gold, NYC 401 Caramel, NYC 410 Plum Rum, NYC 413 Rose Gold
Bottom row: NYC 414 Lilac Dream, NYC 416 Berry Rich, NYC 418 Sugarplum, NYC 420 Mousse, Nicka K 920 Tan, Nicka K 934 Natural, Nicka K Wine, Nicka K Cameo, Nicka K Mauve, Palladio Brownie, Revlon Fig Jam, Wet n Wild 902C Bare It All, Wet n Wild 506B Mink Brown, Wet n Wild 508A Black Orchid, Wet n Wild 522A Dark Wine, Wet n Wild 549A Java, Wet n Wild 552A Just Garnet


I’ve always been more of a MLBB (my lips but better) lipstick kind of gal so, not surprisingly, my collection of mid-tone brownish-pink and berry lipsticks is much larger compared to the pinks and reds I own.

I also threw in a few really dark, true brown and violet lipsticks that I acquired when I was in more of an experimental and adventurous frame of mind. I’ve been purging my stash so I’m going to pass those lipsticks onto a friend because they really don’t suit me and dark colors really look great on her.

As always, I like to stick with inexpensive lipsticks. They’re a great way to try an assortment of colors without spending a lot of money. I try to take advantage of BOGO sales, coupons, and store rewards/points whenever possible, so although I have a lot of lipsticks I didn’t pay much (or anything) out of pocket for them. If I decide I don’t like a color, I don’t feel as bad about giving away or returning a cheap lipstick as I do with a pricier lipstick. Mid-high end lipsticks are too much of a commitment/investment for me.

I have a bunch of favorites in this batch: NYC Lilac Dream, NYC Berry Rich, NYC Plum Rum, Nicka K Mauve, Nicka K Cameo, Palladio Brownie, and lastly Revlon Fig Jam is on its way to becoming a fave too. All of these items have a creme (non-shimmer) finish.

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Red Lip Color Swatches

Jordana Sweet Strawberry, Absolute! Desire, Absolute! Fireworks, Nicka K Ruby Red, N.Y.C. 308B Retro Red, N.Y.C. 309B Sheer Red, N.Y.C. Blood Red, Palladio Rosey, Revlon Love That Red, Rimmel Rose Passion, Shiseido RD304 Sweet Pea, Wet n Wild 509A Cinnamon, Wet n Wild 514A Cherry Frost, Wet n Wild 519A Hot Red, Wet n Wild 522A Dark Wine, Wet n Wild 529B Copper Dust

Happy Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year! The first day was yesterday so I’m a day late with my greeting but it’s a 15-day celebration so it’s okay 😉

In preparation for the holiday I painted my nails with what I thought was a red nail polish but turned out to be more of a reddish orange. Blame it on dim, nighttime indoor lighting.

I also did some major cleaning and purging. I got rid of a lot of lip products, mostly lip glosses, that had gone bad. Note to self: don’t buy Jordana and Milani lip glosses anymore. I bought the majority of the Jordana glosses within the past year at several different stores and the textures and scents had all changed within that time. These were the regular Jordana lip glosses, the InColor Pretty Shine lip glosses, and the InColor LipShine Glaze Brush On glosses. I also had to toss two Milani Crystal glosses that had gone rancid. Thankfully I haven’t had any issues with the Jordana/Milani lipsticks. It seems to be just the glosses that spoil quickly.

Red in Chinese culture’s supposed to symbolize good fortune, luck, and all that good stuff, and since I was cleaning and sorting my stash I figured that now would be the perfect time to swatch some red lippies.

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Palladio Herbal Lip Gloss – Mocha Cream

This is my first lip gloss from Palladio and I’ve got to say I’m impressed. It’s really no surprise. I already love their tinted lip balms so much, why wouldn’t I love their lip glosses, too? Palladio makes some darn good lip products.

I’ve actually known about these lip glosses for awhile but I always walked past the Palladio display. Recently, though, for some odd reason I’ve been craving milky brown lip glosses. And I have to admit I wanted a brownish beige gloss even more when I learned the upcoming MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2 lipglass and lipstick are going to be nude brown colors. Now I bet you’re thinking, “oh, that’s so 1990s” but I think brown’s making a bit of a comeback, and I think I may have found the perfect one for me. Besides, I was just a tiny bit too young when the brown lip phase was “in”.  Continue reading

June Favorites

The past month was mostly all about corals, peaches and shimmer for me.

I’m still loving my N.Y.C. Blushable Creme Stick in Pink Flash (Limited Edition) which was also a fave from last month. This month, though, I’ve been using it very sparingly as a base for the N.Y.C. Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder in Peach Glow, a peachy shade with little to no shimmer. It’s pretty matte on me.

To add a little shimmer to my face, I’ve been reaching for my Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Nude. I’ve heard that the amount of shimmer varies from Shimmer Brick to Shimmer Brick. I guess I lucked out because Nude is rather subtle. The shimmer isn’t chunky at all. It gives my skin a natural glow and is nothing like a glitter bomb. I find it a lot less shimmery than my Milani Glimmer Stripes and Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips. [I’ll try to update with a swatch pic of Nude soon]

For my lips I’ve been grabbing for my Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Peach Mocha, N.Y.C. Ultra Last in Lilac Dream (so NOT lilac. It’s pink!), and Palladio Herbal Tinted Lip Balm in Orange. I haven’t had these lippies for very long but I’ve been wearing them everyday since I’ve gotten them! Loves!

I wrote about, and swatched, these items previously. You can check them out in the links below 😀

Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Peach Mocha
N.Y.C. Ultra Last in Lilac Dream
Palladio Herbal Tinted Lip Balm in Orange

Last, but not least, I’ve been loving the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polish in Hidden Treasure. Thanks again to the Recessionista at the Nouveau Cheap blog for hosting that awesome giveaway. I used Hidden Treasure in a NOTD here.

…which reminds me. I actually have one more favorite…that set of nail dotting tools that I bought off of eBay for $2.46. So much easier and better than using toothpicks!

I’m really into nail polishes right now and plan on buying a Konad knockoff nail stamping set soon, too. I’m thinking of trying either the Essence Stampy Set from Ulta or buying a no-name set off of eBay. I’m leaning towards eBay because the image plate that comes with the stamper has Hello Kitty on it. I ❤ Hello Kitty!