McDonald’s Signature Crafted Recipes – Sweet BBQ Bacon & Maple Bacon Dijon

No, not sponsored. Ha, I wish! You all know that besides beauty I like to blog about food, so I had to share my recent McDonald’s experience.

To be perfectly honest, I haven’t ordered from McDonald’s in at least the past 5 years. There are simply other fast food joints that I prefer and that I feel offer a better value, primarily Popeye’s, but McDonald’s has been promoting the heck out of their new Signature Crafted sandwiches. I keep seeing commercials on TV and the most recent weekly store circulars via mail also included a sheet of McDonald’s coupons, two of which were for the new Signature Crafted sandwiches. The ads were tempting as were the early positive reviews on YouTube and the Buy One Get One Free coupon clinched the deal.

My total for both sandwiches was $7.07 ($6.49 + $0.58 tax).

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Trader Joe’s Mudd Pie

Trader Joe’s Mudd Pie, a variation of Mississippi Mudd Pie, starts with a dark chocolate crumb crust lined with gooey fudge…and then filled with coffee ice cream containing a fudge ripple, all topped with a perimeter of fudge rosettes. It’s a delicious, beautiful and easy to serve treat.

Oh, my god, so good!

Every year since I was eight, I’ve always had a Carvel ice cream cake on my birthday: vanilla and chocolate ice cream with chocolate crunchies. However, this year I decided to treat myself to the Trader Joe’s Mudd Pie ($6.99, 20.8 oz) when I spotted it in store. I remember reading about it in the Trader Joe’s flyer for the month of February, so it’s a relatively new product. It’s basically an ice cream cake…er, ice cream pie…but coffee flavored, so I still feel like I’m honoring my childhood tradition except in a more grown up way.

I’m a huge fan of coffee ice cream but it’s hard finding a good one that isn’t weak. This is a good one. The Mudd Pie has a nice, strong coffee flavor that’s only enhanced by the dark chocolate and fudge. I love chocolate with coffee; cafe mocha (hot or cold) is basically the only way I take my coffee when I have it away from home, so the flavor combination in the Trader Joe’s Mudd Pie is great.

The fudge layer in the pie can be a bit sweet but eating some of the dark chocolate crust with it, which has a tiny bit of saltiness and slight bitterness to it, cuts through the sweetness and balances the overall flavor. Personally, I could’ve done with less crust. The crust is crunchy and a little hard which makes it rather difficult to cut through. Imagine a solid layer of Carvel Crunchies because that’s pretty much what the Trader Joe’s Mudd Pie crust is and, unfortunately, there’s just a little too much crust for my liking. If they had crumbled some and sprinkled it on top of the ice cream, or if it had just been a disc on the bottom rather than also coming up the sides, that would’ve been better. I just feel that the ratio of filling to crust is a bit off.

The best part of the pie by far is the coffee ice cream in my opinion. If Trader Joe’s sells that on its own I’ll definitely be getting some on my next grocery store run.

On a related note, I really appreciate the packaging. The plastic clamshell makes it so much easier to store the uneaten portion of the pie in the freezer. It’s a very thoughtful touch.

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CVS Haul

My local CVS finally reset their Physicians Formula display. I’ve been stalking the store these past few weeks for the new 2017 products, the new matte and shimmer Highlight & Contour Palettes in particular, and my waiting finally paid off. But, woah, are they pricey. I thought the Physicians Formula Argan Oil which I love was expensive at $15.99 but these new palettes are $16.29 apiece. Luckily I had coupons and ExtraBucks that helped bring my total down.

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Fantastic Deal on DiGiorno’s Pizza This Week at CVS

Just wanted to share an amazing deal on DiGiorno pizza at CVS this week. I know a lot of you are coupon clippers and bargain shoppers so maybe you already know about this promotion but in case you don’t…this week at CVS DiGiorno 12 inch pizzas are on sale 2/$10. That alone isn’t really a great deal but there’s an additional promo on them. If you spend $30 on DiGiorno pizzas, you’ll receive $10 ExtraBucks back. In last week’s Red Plum coupon insert there was a Buy 2 Get 1 Free coupon for DiGiorno pizzas. If you’re able to get your hands on two of those coupons or if you were able to print out a similar B2G1Free offer from and use any two of those in conjunction with ExtraBucks and CVS coupons, the savings are amazing. I was able to get six DiGiorno pizzas, which would have cost $30, for only $3 (or $0.50 per pizza!).

What I did was grab six DiGiorno pizzas at 2/$10 ($30 total). Then I used two B2G1Free coupons (which equates to $10 off), $10 Extrabucks, a $2 off anything CVS coupon that received via email (subscribe to the CVS mailing list for coupons!), and a $5 off $15 purchase coupon via the CVS app on my smartphone (there are several app-exclusive CVS coupons).

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