Wet n Wild Haul

I was in CVS picking up a prescription when I came across the limited edition Spring 2016 Wet n Wild display. There were some pastel colored eye shadow trios but for some unknown reason I decided to grab both highlighters ($5.29 each). I’m not sure why I got them because I already have some highlighters that I already love and I’m still committed to keeping my makeup stash small. They may very well end up being awesome but the rational part of me knows that I don’t need them (not like anyone really needs makeup), so I’m putting them up for sale on my blog sale page.

I also popped into Dollar Tree to see if I could find any of the discontinued Wet n Wild Fergie items, specifically the blushes. No luck there but I decided to grab a couple of the brushes and a spare sharpener.

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Dollar Tree Haul (Pic Heavy)

Just wanted to drop by and share my $4 Dollar Tree cookbook haul from this past weekend. This is perhaps one of the most amazing deals I’ve ever come across at Dollar Tree.

I’m sure plenty of you love to bake and cook and appreciate a good cookbook with delicious recipes. Or perhaps you just love flipping through books with beautiful (yummy) photos. I fall into both categories. I love to bake and cook and I think cookbooks with gorgeous pictures make fantastic coffee table books. Food styling is its own kind of art form in my opinion.

If you’re like me then you might want to pop into Dollar Tree and see if you can score some beautiful books. I was able to find three cookbooks by Southern Living Magazine and one by Sunset Magazine. These cookbooks normally retail for $19.95-$24.95 each, so $1 per cookbook is an almost unbelievable deal. They’re all chock full of beautifully styled and photographed pictures with hundreds of recipes printed on nice, thick, semi-glossy paper. They’re also all foods that I’m interested in making and eating, especially that Chicken Laksa (I absolutely love Malaysian food).

I flipped through the books and snapped a few photos of what’s inside so you could get a better idea if these are books that you’d be interested in purchasing too. It was so hard deciding which photos to share because there’s so much yumminess.

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Recent Dollar Tree Finds

Picked up a few items from the local Dollar Tree this week: the e.l.f. Studio Pout Perfector and two Wet n Wild eye shadow singles in Brulee.

The drugstores near me are never able to keep Brulee in stock so I wanted to grab a couple when I had the chance. And years ago emilynoel83 mentioned that the Pout Perfector’s something she likes to dab onto the center of her lips to create the illusion of a fuller lip. It’s a lot more sparkly in the tube than I imagined. Hopefully it doesn’t look too crazy on me.