Starting Fresh

Would this qualify as a capsule collection? Not counting nail polishes but including brushes and tools my current collection totals 35 pieces. I feel like capsule collections are usually even smaller than this but I’m quite satisfied with how much I’ve eliminated from my makeup stash over the past two years. For a girl who started with 100+ blushes, 100+ lipsticks, and dozens of eye shadow palettes and highlighters, I think I’ve come a long way.

I’ve been gradually purging makeup since 2014 in an effort to streamline my makeup regimen. It had gotten to the point where I felt burdened by the sheer amount of makeup I owned. When I realized I could literally use a different blush or lipstick everyday for four months straight with no repeats I decided I needed to make a change. A kinder person (or an enabler) would’ve called me a makeup collector but the truth was I was a makeup hoarder. Even though I had so much makeup, I was really only using a handful of products regularly. I decided then and there that I had to edit my stash, keep only the items that I truly love and use, and get rid of everything else.

Letting go was, and is, a constant struggle especially when it comes to purging limited edition makeup but I’ve done it and I have no regrets. If you’re considering purging but feel hesitant, just know that the process gets easier the more you do it. It’s the first step that’s the most difficult.

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2015 Beauty Favorites

These are all of the beauty products that I loved and used consistently throughout 2015. I tried my hardest not to include any recent discoveries from November/December because I thought it was premature categorizing them “Best of 2015” beauty products when I barely got two months’ worth of use from them. Oftentimes there are products that seem to work great during one season and then perform dismally the next. I kind of want to see how some of the newer products I’ve purchased work in the summertime before I declare they’re a “Best of the Year” product.

With the exception of the e.l.f. Smudge Pot and beautyblender PRO, I believe I’ve blogged about everything else before so I’ll link you to those posts.

In no particular order, my 2015 favorites are:

Although highlighter is one of my favorite makeup categories, I didn’t pick a favorite this year. My favorite and most used highlighter was the RMS Living Luminizer but it was dethroned in December by Tata Harper’s Very Illuminating cream highlighter. It’s gorgeous and has worked its way into my everyday makeup routine but I didn’t feel right including it in my annual favorites list so soon. I’ll definitely be including it in my January favorites though. And I didn’t want to include the RMS highlighter as a “Best of…” product since I had already discovered something better.

Clinique Cheek Pop – Nude Pop

Clinique Cheek Pop – Nude Pop

I feel like ever since Clinique launched their Cheek Pop blushes over a year ago I’ve heard nothing but praise. The first four color they released were really tempting but I knew they wouldn’t flatter my skin tone. I tend to shy away from pinks, corals and plums and go for earthier colors, warmer nudes and yellow-based peach/orange blush.

With the recent Spring 2015 expansion of the Cheek Pop line, though, I found myself drawn to two colors in particular: Nude Pop and Fig Pop. Not willing to commit myself fully and buy both at once, I decided to try one Cheek Pop first to see if the formula’s really as great as everyone says it is. I purchased Nude Pop ($21) during the Sephora VIB sale.

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Sephora VIB Sale: Part 2

Sephora VIB Sale Haul

I kind of went a little blush crazy.

I purchased everything here online in order to take advantage of the 7% cash back offer on Not affiliated. It’s just a good deal. I go back and forth between mrrebates and ebates depending on who’s offering the higher percentage.

I hauled the:

  • Clinique Cheek Pop in Nude Pop
  • BECCA Beach Tint in Dragonfruit
  • BECCA Beach Tint in Guava
  • BECCA Beach Tint in Lychee
  • BECCA Beach Tint in Papaya
  • BECCA Beach Tint in Watermelon

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