Christopher Drummond Duo Phase Hydrating Concealer

Christopher Drummond Duo Phase Hydrating Concealer

After posting my Random Concealer Swatches yesterday, I realized that I’d never posted my review for the Christopher Drummond Duo Phase Hydrating Concealer. I wrote this back in March and it’s been sitting in my Draft folder ever since. FYI This was back in the winter when my skin was a bit lighter (<NC15) than it is currently (NC15-20).

This review is long overdue but I just wanted to mention a great concealer that rarely gets talked about: Christopher Drummond’s Duo Phase Hydrating Concealer.

If you love fuller coverage, moisturizing concealers like Tarte Maracuja Creasless and It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye but want something with a more lightweight consistency, then this concealer’s for you.

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Random Concealer Swatches

1. Amazing Cosmetics (Fair Golden) 2. Christopher Drummond Duo Phase (Light) 3. Cover FX (N Light) 4. It Cosmetics (Light) 5. Tarte Maracuja Creaseless (Fairly Light Neutral) 6. Wet n Wild (Fair)

I’m doing a concealer clean-out and getting rid of the concealers that just aren’t working for me.

As you know, my recent blood tests showed that I’m severely deficient in Vitamin D so my doctor prescribed 50,000 IU Vitamin D3 pills for me to take and told me to get more sun. Consequently, my skin has gotten a bit darker and I’ve moved into the NC15-20 range.

My It Cosmetics concealer that I loved and used religiously is now way too light, so I’ve been buying and trying a bunch of new concealers recently. With the exception of the Wet n Wild concealer, I purchased all of them online (no Sephoras or Ultas near me) so picking the right shade for my skin tone was challenging.

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The Great Purge of 2014: Aftermath – Concealers


With my nail polish collection edited down to my absolute favorite shades that I knew would get a lot of use, I finally moved onto my makeup collection.

Out of all the different categories of makeup there are, concealer was definitely the easiest one for me to sort.

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