Moon Drop Grapes?

I came across these funny looking grapes at the market recently. The display in the store wasn’t labeled but I did a bit of Googling and I believe they’re called Moon Drops which are non-GMO grapes that are the result of selective breeding. I only got a small cluster because I wasn’t sure what these were going to taste like and I didn’t want to be stuck with a whole bunch of them if they ended up sucking. They cost $3/lb.

Each Moon Drop grape is approximately the length of my pinky finger with a cylindrical shape and a small indentation at the bottom. The grapes have a lovely crispness, not mushy at all, and the skins on these are significantly thicker than the skins on your typical red, black or green grape. Moon Drops are completely seedless which is a huge plus. And the flesh is super sweet, like really, really sweet. However, that sweetness is completely undercut by the skins which are mouth puckering-ly astringent. It’s sad because the Moon Drops would be very enjoyable if not for their skins, and somehow I can’t see very many people taking the time to individually peel each grape before eating them.

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