Collective Clothing Haul – GAP, Old Navy & Target

It’s been awhile but I wanted to share the clothing items I purchased during all the sales between Black Friday and the present.

I found this Quilted Frost Free Vest in Navy (regularly $34.99) on clearance at the Old Navy in my mall for only $10.49. I already have a similar looking vest from Old Navy that I bought a couple of years ago that I really loved, so I was thrilled to find one on discount. It’s looking a little shiny in the photo because of my camera flash but it’s a matte navy blue in real life. One major thing I noticed about the vest is the sizing is different. My old vest’s a Medium but the new vest is a Small and fits exactly the same. I tried the navy vest in Medium at the store and it was huge! Vanity sizing at work?

I’m also still obsessed with loafers. If you recall, I picked up two pairs of the Merona Dorothy Suede Loafers from Target at the beginning of 2017 and I’ve worn them to death, so when I saw these Mountain Sole Matilda Suede Mocassins on clearance at Target I knew it was time to restock. I got one pair in the neutral Saddle color and one in the bright Red shade which is really more of a coral, both in a size 8. Full price was $59.99 but with the holiday sales and coupon codes, I managed to get them for approximately $15 each. Great deal! Penny loafers aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I think they’re cute; however, they’re definitely not as comfortable as the Merona loafers. Those had more cushioning inside and were a lot more comfortable to walk in whereas the Mountain Sole moccasins aren’t cushioned so the footbed’s quite hard in comparison.

I placed an online order with GAP for their Soft Leather Loafers. I originally had my eyes on the Everlane Modern Loafer but then I spotted the GAP loafers which I prefer because they aren’t as pointy and are less expensive. The interiors are nicely cushioned, though still not as comfortable as the Merona loafers. They’re usually $69.95 but with the holiday sale, coupon codes and gift cards, I was able to get the shoes for only $18. The GAP loafers are insanely popular. I ordered them 3 times and I had my order cancelled the first 2 times because the shoes kept selling out so, if they ever restock and you like them, grab them when you see them. I ordered mine in a size 8.5 because I was worried the leather would be stiff and tight but the leather’s actually quite soft and I probably should’ve gone with my usual size 8.

At Old Navy I bought a pair of the Pixie Long Pants in the Rolled Oats color. I’m a huge fan of the Pixie pants. I have a pair of the Pixie ankle length pants and two pairs of the Pixie long pants in black that are in my regular wardrobe rotation (the ankle length more so in the spring/summer). The pants are normally $34.99 but I got them for half off.

During the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend sale, I scored two pairs of the Utility Pixie Chinos on clearance, one in green Forest Floor color and one in the Bright White color. Those were normally $34.99 each but I got them for $12 each.

My favorite recent Old Navy purchase though is the Hooded Frost-Free Utility Parka, regularly $59.99 which I got on sale for only $20-ish. It’s lightweight yet warm enough for snowy weather. But the main reason I got it was for the faux fur trim on the hood which is thick and extremely soft. The faux fur quality is surprisingly amazing and makes the coat look and feel a lot more expensive in person than it really is.

Lastly, I ordered a pair of Mid-Rise Rockstar Skinny Jeans (normally $34.99) in a Size 6 Long when Old Navy ran a 50% off promo on all jeans. The 6 Long are a smidgen long on me right now but I think they’ll shorten up to the perfect length after I wash them. I’m 5’7″-5’8″ and I feel like I’m a little too tall for a Size 6 Regular but too short for a Size 6 Tall. Size 6 Long is the perfect in between length. Old Navy doesn’t always offer their pants in Long sizes, so whenever I see pants offered in that size in a style I like I get them. I chose the dark Rinse color.

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