L’Oreal Colour Riche Monos Eyeshadows – Paris Beach, Mademoiselle Pink, Little Beige Dress & Sunset Seine

Clockwise from top: L’Oreal Paris Beach, L’oreal Mademoiselle Pink, L’Oreal Little Beige Dress, L’Oreal Sunset Seine

I recently took a bit of a break from blogging to chill and recharge. Maybe it’s just me but the makeup world hasn’t been all that exciting or inspiring for me. I haven’t purchased very many new makeup items lately, just repurchasing staples that I’ve mentioned before, so there hasn’t been anything blog-worthy to report. I’ve actually culled a few more items from my collection and I can honestly say that I’ve been quite happy with my smaller stash. Perhaps I’ll blog about that next.

However, I’m still on the hunt for the perfect all over lid brightening powder eye shadow that I can layer over my bareMinerals Candlelit Peach primer/shadow. To that end, I decided to buy a four of the L’Oreal mono shadows which I believe have mostly positive reviews. I purchased mine from CVS where they were $5.99 each.

Clockwise from top: L’Oreal Paris Beach, bareMinerals Candlelit Peach, L’oreal Mademoiselle Pink, L’Oreal Little Beige Dress, L’Oreal Sunset Seine

The four colors I chose are Paris Beige, a matte off-white; Mademoiselle Pink, a matte cool pink; Little Beige Dress, a semi-matte pinky beige; and Sunset Seine, a frosty coppery peach.

I have more of a tan this summer than I normally do, so a couple of the colors that I thought might possibly work as skin tone shades (namely Paris Beige and Mademoiselle Pink) are actually way too light for me. Also the more tan I get, the more obvious the yellow/olive tones in my skin are so while Little Beige Dress is perfect in terms of shade depth it’s much too pink for me. Sunset Seine, which I initially thought I’d like the least actually being my favorite of the bunch. I was worried that it’d be too orange but with my tan at the moment, it just makes my eyelids look kind of glossy with only a hint of peach and it pairs nicely with the bareMinerals Candlelit Peach primer.

Compared to the Maybelline singles that I reviewed not too long ago, I have to say I prefer the L’Oreal more. The consistency of these is denser and creamier and the color payoff is noticeably better.

One weird thing I noticed with the mattes, and even with Little Beige Dress which is a semi-matte, is that the pans are messier compared to the non-matte Sunset Seine. The shadows themselves are not crumbly or loosely packed by any means. Actually, it’s almost like L’Oreal overfilled the pans for the mattes/semi-mattes when they pressed the shadows. When I opened the eye shadow compacts for the first time, there was already a lot of loose powder all over the interior black packaging even though the shadows in the pans were whole and perfect. 

Top horizontal swatch: bareMinerals 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow Broad Spectrum SPF 15 in Candlelit Peach
Bottom vertical swatches, left to right: L’Oreal Paris Beach, L’oreal Mademoiselle Pink, L’Oreal Little Beige Dress, L’Oreal Sunset Seine