McDonald’s Signature Crafted Recipes – Sweet BBQ Bacon & Maple Bacon Dijon

No, not sponsored. Ha, I wish! You all know that besides beauty I like to blog about food, so I had to share my recent McDonald’s experience.

To be perfectly honest, I haven’t ordered from McDonald’s in at least the past 5 years. There are simply other fast food joints that I prefer and that I feel offer a better value, primarily Popeye’s, but McDonald’s has been promoting the heck out of their new Signature Crafted sandwiches. I keep seeing commercials on TV and the most recent weekly store circulars via mail also included a sheet of McDonald’s coupons, two of which were for the new Signature Crafted sandwiches. The ads were tempting as were the early positive reviews on YouTube and the Buy One Get One Free coupon clinched the deal.

My total for both sandwiches was $7.07 ($6.49 + $0.58 tax).

McDonald’s Signature Crafted Recipes – Sweet BBQ Bacon & Maple Bacon Dijon

The Signature Crafted sandwiches are customizable. First, you choose your flavor: Pico Guacamole, Sweet BBQ Bacon or Maple Bacon Dijon. Second, you choose your bread: an artisan roll or sesame seed bun. Third, you choose your protein: grilled chicken, 1/4 lb beef patty or buttermilk crispy chicken.

I did the BOGO Free deal and chose the Sweet BBQ Bacon and Maple Bacon Dijon sandwiches, both with the artisan roll. For the Sweet BBQ Bacon I went with beef and for the Maple Bacon Dijon I decided to go with the buttermilk crispy chicken.

The artisan rolls aren’t anything to write home about and are pretty forgettable in my opinion but they were nicely toasted and held up a lot better than their standard sesame seed buns which have a tendency of flattening and falling apart so much more easily (always my problem whenever I got their Big Macs).

I’m happy to report that McDonald’s certainly didn’t skimp on the bacon and there was enough bacon on each sandwich to cover the surface of the chicken/beef patty. However, rather than crispy, the bacon slices were rather chewy/tough which made biting through the sandwich a little difficult.

McDonald’s Signature Crafted Recipes – Maple Bacon Dijon

When I chose my two sandwiches I had originally thought that I would love the buttermilk crispy chicken more. Generally speaking I’m more of a fried chicken type of girl — I love Popeye’s and KFC — although my go-to sandwich at McDonald’s has always been the Filet-O-Fish. Sadly, McDonald’s beef patties have never impressed me. The Maple Bacon Dijon with the buttermilk crispy chicken was supposed to be my safe bet in case the Sweet BBQ Bacon with beef turned out to be a fail.

While the exterior coating of the buttermilk crispy chicken had a nice crunch, the interior breast meat was super dry. It didn’t help that the green leaf lettuce was completely wilted or the fact that there was barely any dijon dressing on my sandwich. The Maple Bacon Dijon sandwich was in desperate need of moisture. A few slices of tomato or some crunchy lettuce and definitely more dressing would’ve helped immensely. I tasted a little bit of the creamy dijon dressing by itself and it tasted more like honey mustard than dijon to me but that’s okay with me because I love honey mustard. The grilled onions added a hint of flavor but the cheddar cheese was barely detectable compared to the bacon and I didn’t get much maple flavor from the bacon. Ultimately, this tasted like a very bacon-y crispy chicken sandwich.

McDonald’s Signature Crafted Recipes – Sweet BBQ Bacon

Surprisingly, I preferred the Sweet BBQ Bacon sandwich. In addition to the grilled onions and cheddar which were also present in the Maple Bacon Dijon sandwich, this sandwich also included crispy onion straws although mine were kind of limp. But I think what made this sandwich tastier and more palatable was the fact that there was a lot more sauce (in other words, more moisture and flavor).

In my opinion, the Sweet BBQ Bacon was clearly the better sandwich but worthy of the $7 price tag? I don’t think so. Like the previous sandwich, bacon’s a dominant flavor. However, I feel like you could get virtually the same thing at Burger King. Just order the $1 Rodeo Burger which comes with a beef patty, BBQ sauce and onion rings inside the sandwich and add cheese and bacon. Even with the extras, you could probably order at least two, possibly three or even four, Rodeo Burgers and they would still cost less than one McDonald’s Signature Crafted sandwich. Or if you can’t get the Rodeo Burger which might be regional or seasonal, order a few Burger King Bacon Cheeseburgers from the Value Menu for $1.29 each (hold the ketchup, mustard and pickles), a side of value-sized onion rings for $1.19 and ask for some BBQ dipping sauce. Then assemble your own Signature Crafted Sweet BBQ Bacon sandwich. I personally prefer Burger King’s beef patties because they have a flame broiled taste.

McDonald’s Signature Crafted Recipes – Sweet BBQ Bacon & Maple Bacon Dijon

As you can tell, I’m a bit miffed. I wouldn’t be so angry if the flavors had been more inspired or unique but both are pretty basic bacon sandwiches and they’re so overpriced. I’m completely baffled as to why everyone on YouTube seems to be loving these new sandwiches.

If not for the coupon, I don’t think I’d ever have bought these sandwiches. For $5, I could’ve gone to Popeye’s for 2 pieces of fried chicken (or a bunch of fried shrimp), fries and a biscuit. $7 for a fast food sandwich is ridiculous in my opinion. However, if you’re interested in trying the new Signature Crafted sandwiches and you missed out on the coupon flyer that came in the mail last week, download the McDonald’s app. There are a bunch of coupons in the app including a BOGO Free deal on the new Signature Crafted sandwiches.

I used a coupon for $1 Large Fries that same day which lessened my anger towards McDonald’s somewhat. I can’t get angry at McDonald’s fries. They’re always good.