Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadows – Soft Pearl, Linen, Nude Glow

A few months ago Maybelline repromoted their Expert Wear single eye shadows to much acclaim. I remember tons of YouTubers going nuts over them but I didn’t buy into the hype because I’d been disappointed so many times by their eyeshadows in the past. I also had too many eyeshadows at the time already to justify buying any more. However, now that I’ve purged most of my makeup I decided it was a good time to finally give the Expert Wear shadows a try.

I purchased three shades — Soft Pearl, Linen and Nude Glow — from CVS. They were $4.19 each.

Clockwise from top left: Soft Pearl, Linen, Nude Glow

Maybelline Soft Pearl, Linen, Nude Glow

Lately I’ve been on the hunt for a good all over eyeshadow in a skin tone shade that’ll help neutralize the hyperpigmentation/darkness on my eyelids and provide a blank canvas. With that in mind, I chose Soft Pearl (pearlescent off-white), Linen (supposedly a matte cream but I swear there’s a hint of shimmer) and Nude Glow (metallic rose gold).

The new Expert Wear shadows are definitely an improvement over what I remember from the past. They’re smoother and less dry with better (medium) pigmentation; however, they’re still a bit too dry and thin for my tastes. The formula still doesn’t have the richness, density and cling that I look for in eyeshadows for my ultra dry eyelids.

Soft Pearl is a lot whiter than what I was looking for but with a light hand I think it would make a fantastic face highlighter. The white color sheers out easily and leaves behind a subtle, transparent pearly sheen with a hint of microshimmer. I would’ve kept it but I checked the ingredients list and unfortunately it contains dimethicone which doesn’t agree with my skin. I don’t have a problem with using dimethicone on my eyelids but I’ve noticed that it clogs the pores on my cheeks, so I’ve been eliminating all cheek and face products from my stash that contain it as an ingredient.

Nude Glow is a beautiful color but, again, not quite what I was looking for. I also think this eyeshadow would work well on the face but as a highlighting blush rather than a straight up highlighter (although I guess it could be one on darker skin). Out of the three eyeshadows, this one had the smoothest texture and best color payoff, so if I were going to buy more Expert Wear singles I’d probably stick to the ones with a metallic finish in the future.

Linen is a little peachier than my skin tone but otherwise a really good match. I was seriously going to keep this one but I placed an order for a new eye primer recently (that I plan on blogging about) that neutralizes my eyelids brilliantly and rediscovered an eyeshadow in my collection that pairs really well with it.