Trader Joe’s Mudd Pie

Trader Joe’s Mudd Pie, a variation of Mississippi Mudd Pie, starts with a dark chocolate crumb crust lined with gooey fudge…and then filled with coffee ice cream containing a fudge ripple, all topped with a perimeter of fudge rosettes. It’s a delicious, beautiful and easy to serve treat.

Oh, my god, so good!

Every year since I was eight, I’ve always had a Carvel ice cream cake on my birthday: vanilla and chocolate ice cream with chocolate crunchies. However, this year I decided to treat myself to the Trader Joe’s Mudd Pie ($6.99, 20.8 oz) when I spotted it in store. I remember reading about it in the Trader Joe’s flyer for the month of February, so it’s a relatively new product. It’s basically an ice cream cake…er, ice cream pie…but coffee flavored, so I still feel like I’m honoring my childhood tradition except in a more grown up way.

I’m a huge fan of coffee ice cream but it’s hard finding a good one that isn’t weak. This is a good one. The Mudd Pie has a nice, strong coffee flavor that’s only enhanced by the dark chocolate and fudge. I love chocolate with coffee; cafe mocha (hot or cold) is basically the only way I take my coffee when I have it away from home, so the flavor combination in the Trader Joe’s Mudd Pie is great.

The fudge layer in the pie can be a bit sweet but eating some of the dark chocolate crust with it, which has a tiny bit of saltiness and slight bitterness to it, cuts through the sweetness and balances the overall flavor. Personally, I could’ve done with less crust. The crust is crunchy and a little hard which makes it rather difficult to cut through. Imagine a solid layer of Carvel Crunchies because that’s pretty much what the Trader Joe’s Mudd Pie crust is and, unfortunately, there’s just a little too much crust for my liking. If they had crumbled some and sprinkled it on top of the ice cream, or if it had just been a disc on the bottom rather than also coming up the sides, that would’ve been better. I just feel that the ratio of filling to crust is a bit off.

The best part of the pie by far is the coffee ice cream in my opinion. If Trader Joe’s sells that on its own I’ll definitely be getting some on my next grocery store run.

On a related note, I really appreciate the packaging. The plastic clamshell makes it so much easier to store the uneaten portion of the pie in the freezer. It’s a very thoughtful touch.

2 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Mudd Pie

  1. Wow this pie sounds amazing without going over the top. I wish it wasn’t a store brand so I can find it elsewhere! You’ve got me pining for it lol. Side note: what brands of coffee ice cream do you like?

    • The TJ’s pie was surprisingly good. I asked around and TJ’s does make a plain coffee ice cream, so I’m definitely going to get some of that next time 😀

      I really like Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz, Talenti Gelato’s Coffee Chocolate Chip and Haagen Dazs’ Coffee Almond Crunch ice cream bar. I know HG does a regular coffee ice cream in a traditional tub and it’s good but I think the ice cream bar has a better coffee flavor.

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