Target President’s Day Shoe Haul. Gucci Princetown Slipper Dupe.

For President’s Day ran a 25% off promo on shoes, clothing and accessories, so I decided to scoop up a few shoes I’d had my eyes on. I ordered:

  • Merona Kona Backless Mule Loafers (reg. $22.99, $17.24 with discount) Tons of brands have come out with dupes of the Gucci Princetown Leather Slippers and although I like the look of the originals I’m not willing to spend $595 on a pair, especially not on a very trendy shoe that’ll probably be “out” in a season or two. The Merona shoes offer a similar look at a very reasonable price. The faux leather doesn’t look cheap and the shoes are surprisingly comfortable on the feet. The inside of the shoe is padded, including the part that covers the top of the foot, and the sole is rubberized, so it’s non-slip on floors and is extremely comfortable to walk in. Highly recommend if you’ve been lusting after the Gucci shoes. I suggest going at least a half size up. I went a half size up and there’s only 2-3 mm between my heel and the edge of the shoe, so I probably could’ve gone a whole size up with no problems.
  • Mossimo Loretta Sneakers (reg. $16.99, $12.74 with discount) I’m a huge fan of slip-ons. Besides my Converse Chucks, they’re what I live in most of the year and I couldn’t resist the cute, nautical navy/ivory stripes of these.
  • Merona Bambi Loafers (reg. $22.99, $17.24 with discount) I’ve been hunting for a pair of loafers for awhile and when I saw these I was intrigued. Pointed toe shoes seem to be “in” right now, I own zero pointy shoes but love flats and loafers, so I thought this was a good way to try some. The one review for the Bambi Loafers on said that these run small but I was a bit skeptical, so I bought the Black in an 8.5 and the Blush in 9. The 9 ended up being way too big and while the 8.5 was an okay fit I probably could’ve gotten away with an 8. However, I thought the shoes felt stiff, the interior didn’t have enough cushioning, and the sides of the shoe bowed outward too much whenever I took a step so they didn’t feel secure on my feet. Plus, I don’t think the pointed toe look is for me. I have flat feet that are just a tiny bit wider than average but not a true wide, and the combo of long, pointed toes and wider feet made my feet look enormous. I’ll stick to round and almond toe shoes, thank you very much. Needless to say, I returned both the Blush (although I really loved the color on my skin tone) and Black Bambi Loafers.
  • Merona Dorothy Suede Loafers (on clearance for $12.48, excluded from sale) I’m bummed that the Black and Chestnut colors of this shoe sold out before I spotted them but glad that I managed to at least get the Green and Tan (which in reality is more of a bone color). Sizes were limited so I got them both in a size 8W instead of my usual 8. I was worried that they would be too wide but they actually fit like a regular on me which means that the regular sizes probably run narrow. The shoes are genuine leather with a rubber sole, are super comfortable on the feet, and I love the shape of the toe which is neither too rounded nor too pointed. Love!