IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination Anti-Aging Concealer

Over the holidays I made one small Sephora order for the Buxom Shimmer Shock Lipstick in Volatile. Although I really liked the lipstick’s creamy texture, it was a complete glitter bomb and the color was too brown for my liking. I returned Volatile but the experience wasn’t a total waste because I ended up really liking the free sample of IT Cosmetics’ Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination concealer that had been included in my order.

I’ve raved about IT Cosmetics’ original Bye Bye Under Eye concealer for years on my blog. With its thick, balmy, creamy formula, dewy finish and high coverage, I think it’s a fantastic concealer for anyone like me who has really dry skin. However, I know that for a lot of people the texture can feel too thick and tacky and the finish can be too glossy, so rather than the original formula I would instead direct those people to the Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination concealer.

The Illumination concealer provides a similar amount of coverage and still feels quite thick and creamy but it isn’t as emollient as the original formula, feels more lightweight on the skin, spreads and blends on the skin a lot more easily and has a satin/semi-matte finish. I’ve never had issues with the original formula creasing or fading on me and I haven’t had any problems with the Illumination concealer either.

I had incorrectly assumed that the “illumination” in the concealer’s name referred to shimmer or sparkle but there’s none of that here. This is really more of a brightening concealer. I used to use the original Bye Bye Under Eye in the Neutral Medium color and I have a sample of the Illumination concealer in the same shade and the first time I used it I could tell immediately that the Illumination concealer’s both a little lighter and pinker in color than the original formula. That slight bit of pinkness is what gives this concealer its color correcting and brightening effect.

Although I like the Illumination concealer, I still prefer the thicker, glossier formula of the original formula because, in my experience, it has a slight smoothing effect, makes my undereyes look more hydrated and moisturized, and does a better job of camouflaging textural issues. The Illumination concealer has a thinner consistency and while it doesn’t emphasize or exacerbate texture or fine lines, I don’t think it does anything to lessen their appearance the way the original formula does. I think if more people knew of the Illumination concealer’s existence that they’d actually prefer its thinner, more lightweight consistency to the heavier, more emollient original formula.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination Concealer (Neutral Medium), NYX Gotcha Covered Concealer (Light)

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination Concealer (Neutral Medium), NYX Gotcha Covered Concealer (Light)

Compared to the NYX Gotcha Covered concealer in Light that I’ve been using for the past year which I think is very comparable to Bye Bye Under Eye in the original formula, the IT Cosmetics Illumination concealer in Neutral Medium is a touch pinker. The NYX concealer leans more peach, has a glossier finish and feels thicker and more emollient on the skin.

The IT Cosmetics Illumination concealer is great but I still prefer the original formula Bye Bye Under Eye and NYX Gotcha Covered concealers more. If they could figure out a way to keep the dewiness of the original Bye Bye Under Eye but make it slightly thinner and easier to blend like the Illumination concealer, now that would be an amazing concealer.