$0.75 beautyblender Sponge Holder

It’s lightweight, aesthetically pleasing in its simplicity, and sure to go with most people’s decor. The conical shape fits a damp, fully expanded beautyblender sponge perfectly without squishing it and the spaces between the wire allow sufficient ventilation for the damp sponge to air dry. The best part is it’s only $0.75!

Dry beautyblender PRO sponge

Fully expanded, damp beautyblender PRO sponge

I use it to hold my beautyblender but it’s actually an egg holder. A dry beautyblender sponge drops right into the holder, pointy side down, with plenty of wiggle room while a damp beautyblender is a perfect fit.

I purchased mine off of ebay. Just look for “wire egg holder” and tons of results should pop up. The only downside is shipping can take quite awhile since most sellers are located overseas. If you’re not willing to wait, just look into egg holders in general. I’ve seen nice glass, ceramic, carved wood, and vintage hand-painted egg holders before at boutiques, supermarkets, thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets. I don’t know if those will allow enough air circulation the way a wire egg holder does but the shape should be perfect.

4 thoughts on “$0.75 beautyblender Sponge Holder

    • Thanks! I’m quite happy with the egg holder I purchased. I don’t need anything too fancy and I actually prefer the minimalist look but there are so many varieties of egg holders out there. I’m sure there’s a style to suit each person.

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