CVS Black Friday Haul

CVS ran a really great sale on their website this past week: 30% off sitewide and free shipping with no minimum purchase.

As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, I’ve known for awhile that dimethicone is an ingredient that clogs my pores and exacerbates my eczema and dryness so I want to cut it out completely from my skincare and makeup routine. That’s my New Year’s resolution for 2017. I’d been researching budget friendly dimethicone-free skincare products that are available at the drugstore, so this sale came at the perfect time since I had already found a few products that interested me.

I would say for the past decade I’ve used Cetaphil lotion and CeraVe cream religiously. I’ve occasionally used their cheaper generic dupes but I go back to the name brands whenever they’re on sale. Both products moisturize my dry skin really well although I do add a couple drops of argan oil to each when I use them in the morning and at night for an added boost of moisture.

I looked up all the “natural” brands that drugstores carry and honestly there aren’t a lot of options that are dimethicone-free. I think Burt’s Bees makes one lotion that’s dimethicone-free and dry-skin friendly (i.e. without starch, clay, silica) but it’s something like $10-$13 and you only get a couple of measly ounces in a tiny bottle.

In the end I settled on Kiss My Face’s Olive Oil & Aloe Deep Moisturizing Lotion which, wonder of all wonders, is also fragrance-free. I hate when face products are scented so this was a HUGE plus. It also comes in a a big 16 oz pump bottle for $10.99. Cetaphil and CeraVe are in the same ballpark averaging about $10-$15 for 16 oz, so that’s fine with me. You get a lot of product for the price.

The consistency of the Kiss My Face lotion is more like Cetaphil than CeraVe. In other words, it’s thinner and not as thick as CeraVe cream. However, the way it spreads and blends into the skin reminds me of a heavy sunscreen because it looks as white as kabuki makeup on the face until I’ve rubbed it completely into my skin. This isn’t a lotion that you can just slap on; you really need to work it into the skin. ETA: I’ve noticed that it only emulsifies and turns super milky white when I apply it onto damp skin; I don’t have this problem when it’s applied to dry skin.

So far so good with the Kiss My Face lotion but if I want to repurchase I’ll probably have to buy it online from CVS or offline at a different drugstore because CVS doesn’t carry the brand in their brick and mortar stores. I believe Walgreens sells Kiss My Face products so I might have to go there to get the lotion in the future.

The other product I wanted to get was a replacement for my Vanicream which is the occlusive that I use on top of my daily moisturizer. It’s a petroleum based product that acts as a topcoat to help seal in moisture and prevent my skin from drying out. Vaseline/petroleum jelly serves a similar purpose and prior to discovering Vanicream it’s what I used to use as my moisture sealant but I prefer Vanicream for it’s creamy texture over the sticky feel of Vaseline.

My skin isn’t reactive to petrolatum or mineral oil so I could’ve continued using Vaseline although Vanicream contains dimethicone so I would have to stop using that. But since I was already going more natural with my makeup and lotion already, I decided to go all the way and find a product that performs like Vaseline but has the added benefit of being moisturizing. That’s where Alba Botanica’s Un-petroleum Multi-purpose Jelly ($6.49) comes in. I’ve actually known about this product for years but it’s eluded me all this time. Although lots of stores carry the Alba Botanica brand, none of them carry the Un-petroleum Jelly so I’ve never come across it in person. Luckily, carries the product and it was included in their Black Friday sale. I decided to buy two tubes of it in case I ended up really liking it since it’s harder to find in stores compared to Kiss My Face.

My CVS order arrived on a particularly cold day and when I pulled the tubes of Un-petroleum Jelly out of the box they were as solid and hard as rocks. It took quite awhile for the jelly to warm up to room temperature and be squeezable but once it was it looked exactly like Vaseline; however, I think it’s much thicker and harder to spread on the skin compared to Vaseline. That’s probably due to the beeswax and coconut oil in the ingredients. The jelly leaves my skin with a sheen and a stickiness similar to Vaseline that doesn’t go away til at least an hour or two later but it also makes my skin look more plump and hydrated which is undoubtedly due to the Vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate), coconut oil and castor oil in the ingredients. I really like it but if the idea of Vaseline on the skin bothers you, you probably won’t like the Un-petroleum Jelly either.

After the 30% discount and using some ExtraBucks that were in my account, my total came out to $7.36 with free shipping which I think is a very good deal for these three products. I believe the 30% off sitewide sale with free shipping is still happening so if there’s anything you’re interested in buying from CVS, now’s the time to get it.