Sinful Colors – Miss Klaws

It’s been months since I last shared a nail polish on my blog but when I find a formula and color I like I tend to stick with it. I’ve tried all sorts of brands from Deborah Lippmann and Zoya to drugstore brands like OPI, Essie and Revlon but the formula that I like the best for its performance and value is NYC’s Quick Dry nail polishes. Everyone’s nails are different but there’s just something about NYC Quick Dry that works for me. They make great colors and usually come out with interesting limited edition collections, they wear really well on my nails, and they’re inexpensive.

Over the years I’ve tried lots of other cheap nail polishes, Sinful Colors being one of the cheapest if not the cheapest brand available at the drugstore and, truth be told, Sinful Colors makes a ton of beautiful colors. I so wish they worked as well for me as they do for others but their nail polishes chip really easily and are more often than not streaky on me. Last month I received an Influenster Flawless Voxbox and one of the items included for me to test was a Sinful Colors nail polish in the shade Miss Klaws from their Kylie Jenner Trend Matters Pure Satin Mattes Professional Nail Color Collection. Of course, based on past experience I wasn’t expecting much from this particular nail polish.

I would describe Miss Klaws as matte berry/burgundy pink. It’s deeper than a fuchsia in person and has hints of wine. The first coat went on a little patchy but two coats gave me an opaque and smooth finish. That came as a pleasant surprise because most of the Sinful Colors nail polishes I’ve tried go on kind of  unevenly and streaky, even with three coats. Miss Klaws looked very matte on Day 1 of application but I noticed by Day 3 it started to look shiny like a traditional creme finish nail polish. That seems to be normal at least for matte nail polishes I’ve used before but admittedly I haven’t used many matte nail polishes; I usually go for a creme finish. I suspect if you’re someone who works with their hands a lot for tasks such as cooking/baking or you use a lot of hand moisturizer, you might lose the matte-ness of Miss Klaw even sooner. I saw major signs of chipping by Day 4 (that’s without a top coat) which is better than a lot of Sinful Colors nail polishes I’ve used before. With those I saw chipping on Day 2 or 3, so an extra day or two of wear is pretty dang good.

Prior to trying Miss Klaws I had planned on chucking it as soon as I’d finish testing it because I thought it was going to be like those crappy Sinful Colors nail polishes I’d use in the past. The formula still doesn’t amaze me but I love vivid reds and pinks like this and I think with a protective top coat — I have a matte NYC top coat that I think I’ll use — I just might be able to extend the wear time. I think I’ll keep it for now.