CoverGirl So Lashy! BlastPRO Mascara

I received the new CoverGirl So Lashy! blast PRO mascara last month as part of an Influenster Voxbox to test for free and while I’m always thankful to be selected to join Influenster campaigns I wish they would consider letting participants choose between washable and waterproof mascara formulas. This isn’t the first mascara I’ve ever been asked to test a mascara and yet not once in all these years have I ever been sent a waterproof mascara. I have extremely watery eyes and personally I always buy waterproof mascaras because (1) they don’t give me raccoon eyes and (2) they hold a curl better. Regardless, I still enjoying testing new mascaras, waterproof or not, if only to try an innovative new wand but it’s something I can only test at home; I don’t feel confident in their ability to hold up against my teary eyes in public.

I’ve been testing the CoverGirl So Lashy! blast PRO mascara in the Extreme Black color everyday for the past month at home and these are my thoughts:

The most unique thing about this mascara is definitely its plastic wand. You’ve got a central pole with spikes, two curved pieces that flank the center also with spikes, and a spiky ball at the tip. Looks cool, looks promising and I could see how in theory the spiky ball would be great for getting at the lashes in the inner and outermost corners of the eyes but it just doesn’t work. The mascara formula is on the thicker side and the stopper inside the tube simply doesn’t do a sufficient job of removing excess mascara from the wand as its pulled out of the tube. There’s always way too much mascara loaded on the wand, especially on the spiky ball tip. Using a tissue to wipe off excess mascara from the wand before each use is a must unless you want extremely clumpy lashes. Every time I use this mascara I feel like I’m throwing away product and money because it’s so wasteful.

Bare eye (left), one coat of CoverGirl So Lashy! blast PRO mascara (right)

Bare eye (left), two coats of CoverGirl So Lashy! blast PRO mascara (right)

Bare eye (left), three coats of CoverGirl So Lashy! blast PRO mascara (right)

Two coats of CoverGirl So Lashy! blast PRO mascara

Two coats of CoverGirl So Lashy! blast PRO mascara

Three coats of CoverGirl So Lashy! blast PRO mascara

The non-waterproof aspect of the mascara couldn’t be helped — if it were up to me I would’ve chosen waterproof — so I won’t address it any further except to say that it’s extremely easy to remove with cold water. A dedicated makeup remover or facial cleanser isn’t even necessary.

As for the rest, So Lashy does a pretty good job of adding length but because this mascara is on the thicker, wetter side I found that it had a tendency to clump my lashes together. Plus, because the wand gets so overloaded with formula and the the spikes are so short, it’s difficult to comb through the lashes and achieve separation and definition, so clumps were unavoidable.

So Lashy doesn’t do much in the way of volume either. One coat of mascara looked so natural that I couldn’t really tell a difference between my naked lashes and the lashes with mascara. Two coats darkened my lashes and added a hint of curl but I could definitely see clumping. In my opinion the mascara looks best at two coats and I would’ve stopped there but for the sake of research I continued. With three coats my lashes appeared even darker but the clumping was a lot more obvious and my lashes started to droop from the weight of the mascara. The mascara also made my lashes feel quite crunchy to the touch.

If you like natural looking lashes and want some added length and don’t mind a bit of clumping, this might be the mascara for you. I prefer mascaras that separate and define so CoverGirl So Lashy! wasn’t my cup of tea.

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