Some Changes.

I’ve decided that my New Year’s resolution is to make more of an effort to cut dimethicone/silicone out of my beauty regimen. I’ve known for awhile that it clogs my pores and exacerbates my eczema and dryness. I’ve already gotten rid of a lot of products containing dimethicone but for 2017 I want to take it even further and completely eliminate it from my makeup and skin care routine. This is also a heads up because you may be seeing some favorites pop up on my blog sale soon if I can bear to part with them. I’m serious this time about going dimethicone-free.

I’ve already started looking into dimethicone-free moisturizers and it’s really hard finding one that isn’t just a plain oil or loaded with alcohol. Not that I don’t love plant oils — I use argan oil twice a day — but I want something with a thicker, creamier, richer consistency. If anyone has any recommendations for dry skin-friendly, dimethicone-free moisturizers (preferably alcohol-free, fragrance-free and spf-free) it would be much appreciated. It would be especially fantastic if it’s something I can get at the drugstore and not something super expensive, difficult to find or an online-exclusive. 😀