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It was past time to replace my Converse Chucks. If you recall, I purchased a pair of Converse Shoreline sneakers during the Nordstrom anniversary sale in August but ended up not liking the look or fit of them and sent them back. Consequently, I had planned on getting another pair of the classic Chucks in canvas but when my sister visited last month she was wearing a pair of black leather Chucks which I really liked. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to get the Chucks in black leather because I actually own a leather pair in metallic gold. Zappos carries the shoes for $65 but I found a seller on Amazon that had a pair in my size for $49.95 with free shipping and free returns since it was being fulfilled by Amazon. The leather Chucks feel a bit roomier than my canvas Chucks but not so much that I feel as if I should’ve gone a half size down. I would say if you know your size in canvas Chucks get the same size in the leather version. The leather sneakers also feel a lot heavier than my canvas Chucks.

Then one day while I was watching YouTube I noticed someone wearing a super cute Marvel sweatshirt and instantly fell in love with it. I’m not even a hardcore fan. I’ve never read the comics although I’ve seen the movies but I mean, come on, Marvel heroes chibi-style? How could I resist? I did a bit of research and found it online at the Disney Store as well as a matching backpack. I could’ve ordered both online but I didn’t want to pay shipping and I wanted to see the sweatshirt in person because I wasn’t certain about my size. There’s a Disney Store in my local mall but unfortunately they don’t carry adult apparel, only toys and costumes for kids, so I decided to head into the city and visit the Times Square Disney Store since they’re always well stocked. For reference, I’m approximately 5’8″ in height with a 28 inch waist and 31 inch bust and both the Small and Medium would’ve worked but I decided to get the sweatshirt in Medium because it was a little longer and the fit on me is more relaxed. The sweatshirt has side slits at the hem and side pockets which I really like. As for the backpack, I had expected it to be made of a canvas material but it’s actually made of a slippery, satin type of fabric. Just something to note because I don’t know how much wear and tear a material like that can take.

Every time I’m in the city it’s an excuse for me to get some dollar slice pizza. There’s one place near Penn Station that I usually visit  on my way to Jack’s 99 Cent Store. Despite it’s name, not everything there is 99 cents but the store’s cool because, not too often but every once in awhile, they’ll have some interesting hidden treasures (sort of like Dollar Tree in that sense). One time I got a whole bunch of name brand athletic wear (shirts and track pants) for my dad that would’ve normally retailed at a sporting goods store like Modell’s for at least $30 each for $1 each. Super amazing deal! This time Jack’s had a whole table full of these denim tote bags. They were brand new with tags and by a brand I’ve never heard of called Cole Daniels. According to the price tag, the totes normally retail for $28.50 each but Jack’s was selling them for $4.99 each which I thought was a good deal. I’ve been looking for a casual tote like this for awhile and it’s exactly what I wanted: big and roomy with a cute lining and not too heavy in a sturdy dark wash denim. I think it’ll be really handy when I’m grocery shopping or as a carry-on bag when I travel.

2 thoughts on “Clothing & Accessories Haul

  1. Oh that sweatshirt is so cute! I’m not a massive fan either but I like how that doesn’t scream SUPER HERO SWEATSHIRT. I like the slits too!

    • Yeah, I wouldn’t have gotten the sweatshirt if the print was any larger or any busier. The store also had a canvas duffel bag in the same print as the sweatshirt. And they also had leggings in the same print as the backpack in a silky spandex which was way too over the top for me 😛

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