Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara isn’t the type of mascara I would ever buy. I’m a huge proponent of “no makeup” makeup and when I select mascaras I prefer ones that give my eyelashes natural looking definition and separation. Length and volume don’t really matter much to me but if I have to choose between the two I would go for a lengthening mascara. Most importantly because I have very watery eyes I always, always go for a waterproof formula.

Better Than Sex is the total opposite of what I look for in a mascara. It promises dramatic volume and length with its non-waterproof formula. And yet I’ve always wanted to try it because of the polarizing reviews. People seem to either really love this mascara or really hate it.

I probably would’ve never tried this mascara on my own but I recently received it as a gift so of course I had to test it just to see what all the hype’s about. I wouldn’t pay for it but for free, why not?

Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara retails for $23 and comes in a weighty, metallic pink tube. It features a thick, fat, wide brush applicator with traditional bristles in a distinctive hourglass shape.

First, I’m not a fan of the applicator because when I pull the wand out of the tube the stopper inside the tube does only does a mediocre job of removing excess mascara from the brush. It’s able to reach the longer bristles at the opposite ends of the brush applicator but is unable to get at the narrower hourglass “waist” at the center of the brush. This means the applicator’s always loaded up with way too much goopy mascara around the middle of the brush, so I then have to spend extra time removing the excess before using the brush on my lashes.

The first time I used Better Than Sex on my top lashes only I didn’t realize how overloaded the wand could get and the results I got were indeed dramatic. It volumized and gave my lashes some lift and curl but I didn’t notice much length. However, the results were very clumpy and not a look I care for.

Bare eye, Too Faced Better Than Sex (2 coats)

The second time I used Better Than Sex I made sure to manually and very carefully scrape away every bit of excess mascara off of the wand onto the lip of the mascara tube. It made the opening of the mascara tube really messy but the results I got on my lashes looked much more natural.

A lighter application definitely gave me softer, more fluttery lashes compared to my first attempt There was still a bit of clumping but it was minor and probably could’ve been taken care of if I had gone in afterward with a clean spoolie or lash comb.

Cleaning the brush off helped a lot but with the brush being so large (the brush length is approximately 3/4 of my eye) and thick it was really difficult navigating around my eyes. I don’t usually poke myself in the eyes with mascara wands but with Better Than Sex whenever I would try to get into the lashes in the very inner and outer corners of my eyes I’d end up getting mascara on my eyelids, and when I’d wiggle the brush at the bases of my lashes I would constantly hit my upper waterline. I had go in with a cotton swab afterward to clean up the mess. Consequently, I found the brush way too large, unwieldy and awkward to use. I would’ve much preferred a shorter, narrower brush.

As expected this mascara gave me raccoon eyes but I knew that going in since this is a non-waterproof formula so I’m not going to fault it for that. This mascara washed off very easily and cleanly with cold water. No extra makeup remover needed.

Bare eyes

Bare eye, Too Faced Better Than Sex (1 coat)

Clockwise from top left: Bare eye, Too Faced Better Than Sex (1 coat), Too Faced Better Than Sex (2 coats)

Clockwise from top left: Bare eye, Too Faced Better Than Sex (1 coat), Too Faced Better Than Sex (2 coats)

Too Faced Better Than Sex (2 coats)

Too Faced Better Than Sex (2 coats)

All in all, this mascara just isn’t for me. If you’re less careful with it than I was, it’ll give you some lift and a lot of volume but also some clumping. I didn’t see a whole lot of added length with my upper lashes using the Better Than Sex mascara. My lower lashes with the mascara did appear longer after two coats but if you take a look at the Before and After photo I think that’s mostly because it straightened and took the curl out of my lashes. The mascara is extremely non-waterproof and any moisture will cause the mascara to smear but on the plus side it’s easy to remove with water at the end of the day.