Milani Everyday Eyes Powder Eyeshadow Collection – Bare Necessities & Earthy Elements

Milani Bare Necessities & Earthy Elements

The Milani Everyday Eyes palettes launched earlier in the year and although they piqued my interest the minute I saw them in person, I held off from buying them for months. There are six palettes in the collection and reviews for the collection as a whole have been mixed but whenever I watch YouTube Monthly Favorites videos one particular Milani Everyday Eyes palette keeps getting mentioned over and over again: Earthy Elements.

Still, I held back and it wasn’t until I watched Jennifer Wan’s Current Favorite Eyeshadow Palettes video in which she says it’s similar to Too Faced’s Peanut Butter & Jelly palette minus the purples that I decided I had to get it. That description really sold me because I had been interested in the warm tones of the PB&J palette but never pulled the trigger because I knew I’d never used those purple shades. Earthy Elements sounded like a much more doable palette for me.

Milani was on sale BOGO50% at CVS this week so I decided to get the Bare Necessities palette in addition to Earthy Elements because out of all the palettes in the Everyday Eyes collection these two seem to get the most raves. They’re normally $10.49 each but I got them for a bit less since they were on sale.

Milani Bare Necessities & Earthy Elements

Milani Bare Necessities

Milani Bare Necessities

Milani Earthy Elements

Milani Earthy Elements

A lot of reviewers have compared the quality of these Milani palettes to higher end palettes and I have to agree. The mattes are super impressive and remind me a lot of Too Faced’s matte shadows from some of their better palettes (i.e. the ones in tins like the Chocolate Bar palettes). They’re very pigmented, smooth, blend easily and I don’t get any fallout with them. The mattes are consistently great in the Bare Necessities and Earthy Elements palettes and each contains excellent matte transition shades.

People often recommend Physicians Formula’s quads as good drugstore matte eye shadows but the mattes in these Milani palettes blow those out of the water. I’ve personally never been a fan of the Physicians Formula quads. I love their powder bronzers, highlighters, blushes and face products in general but their eye makeup has never impressed me much. I once owned Physician Formula’s Canyon Classics quad and the pigmentation was okay (weak compared to Milani) but the shadows were too powdery and chalky for my liking. I even like these Milani mattes more than the Sonia Kashuk matte palette shadows, the latter of which feel drier in comparison.

As for the shimmer shades in the Milani palettes, they’re a mixed bag. I would say that if you only want one Milani Everyday Eyes palette that’s great across the board, go with Bare Necessities. The mattes in it are great and so are the shimmers.

With the Earthy Elements palette, the two lighter shimmer shades are rather sheer and feel noticeably drier. However, the two deeper mid-tone shimmers are excellent and along with the matte transition and gorgeous matte orange shadows more than make up for the lackluster lighter shimmer shades. The darker shimmers are extremely pigmented, super smooth and look and feel so much more expensive than they really are. If you’ve been looking for a warm toned fall palette from the drugstore, definitely check out Earthy Elements.


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