Almay Age Essentials Concealer

Almay Age Essentials Concealer (Light)

I’m a huge fan of stick concealers. I love creamy concealers in general but ones that come in the convenient format of a stick are just really appealing to me. Also stick concealers tend to have more body and cling to them that not only helps them stay in place on the face better but makes them more waterproof/water-resistant compared to a lot of cream concealers that come in squeeze tubes, jars, pots or with wand applicators. So is it any wonder that Almay’s Age Essentials Concealer was one of the most highly anticipated drugstore makeup releases for me? I’ve been on the lookout for this concealer ever since I first learned about it earlier this year but I wasn’t actually able to find it until this month.

The Almay Age Essentials Concealer is available in four shades. I purchased one in the lightest shade, Light, from CVS for $14.49. Can we say way overpriced!? I can’t believe how expensive drugstore concealers have gotten.

Almay Age Essentials Concealer (Light)

Almay Age Essentials Concealer (Light)

Almay Age Essentials Concealer (Light), Nature Republic Botanical Green Tea Dual Concealer (02 Natural Beige)

Almay Age Essentials Concealer (Light), Nature Republic Botanical Green Tea Dual Concealer (02 Natural Beige)

For the past few months I’ve been using the Nature Republic Botanical Green Tea Dual Concealer (shade #02 Natural Beige) and I’ve been satisfied with it. However, unless you live near a Nature Republic store or are willing to buy it online it’s not exactly easy to come by in the States which is why I was excited to hear that Almay had come out with a new stick concealer.

With the Nature Republic concealer that I’m currently using, one end is a liquid concealer with a doe foot applicator and the other end is a stick concealer. It’s the stick concealer that I primarily use in my under eye area. The peachy tone does a pretty good job of neutralizing some of my under eye darkness and the stick formula creases less than their liquid concealer although I like to top the stick concealer with a tiny bit of the liquid concealer. The stick concealer is matte whereas the liquid concealer has a softer finish and layered together the two give a natural finish that I prefer.

Choosing the correct Almay Age Essentials Concealer shade was somewhat difficult because the shade range is very limited (granted, so is the Nature Republic concealer which only comes in two shades) and I had a hard time deciding between Light and Light/Medium. With my current summertime coloring (~NC20), Light seemed too light but Light/Medium was darker than my Nature Republic concealer. I don’t typically like the super bright, highlighted under eye that a lot of YouTube beauty gurus favor — I prefer that my under eye area matches the rest of my face — but between the two shades Light seemed to be a better match.

Bare eyes

Almay Age Essentials Concealer (Light), Bare Eye

Almay Age Essentials Concealer (Light), Bare Eye

Almay Age Essentials Concealer (Light)

The texture of the Almay concealer is very similar to the Nature Republic stick concealer. Both are very creamy and glide easily on the skin. I didn’t experience any tugging but if I had to nitpick I would say that the Nature Republic feels a bit creamier and thicker.

The Almay concealer is unscented and doesn’t contain any shimmer or light reflecting particles that I can see. The finish is more matte than the Nature Republic stick concealer which also has a matte finish. Coverage is on the lighter side of medium but if I layer it I can build it up to a solid medium.

The Light shade looks a bit yellow in the tube but I’m quite yellow naturally and on my skin the concealer comes off looking a bit pink which I actually don’t mind. In my experience, pinkish concealers/correctors are great for brightening dark circles.

Almay Age Essentials Concealer (Light), Nature Republic Botanical Green Tea Dual Concealer 02 Natural Beige (just the stick concealer)

Almay Age Essentials Concealer (Light), Nature Republic Botanical Green Tea Dual Concealer 02 Natural Beige (just the stick concealer)

The Age Essentials concealer is okay but a bit underwhelming. Out of all the drugstore stick concealers I’ve tried I still prefer CoverGirl’s CG Smoothers which offers similar coverage and feels just as creamy but is more moisturizing and has a dewier, more natural looking finish. On me the Almay concealer looks dry, slightly powdery and really emphasizes skin texture. Not only that but it creases very easily. The Nature Republic that I’m currently using, while also matte, looks smoother, has a softer matte finish and doesn’t crease as badly.

The biggest strike against the Almay concealer for me is the hefty price tag. For $14.49, you only get 0.13 oz of product. The Nature Republic concealer costs about the same ($14.90) but comes with twice the amount of product (0.15 oz of stick concealer + 0.11 oz of liquid concealer), so I feel like I’m at least getting my money’s worth. And the CoverGirl CG Smoothers concealer that I also really enjoy only costs $7.99 for 0.14 oz of product. Compared to those other concealers, the Almay concealer feels like a huge rip off. It’s not any better than those concealers and is such a poor value. Hugely disappointing.


One thought on “Almay Age Essentials Concealer

  1. I believe Emilynoel83 compared this concealer to the Revlon photoready concealer stick and say they seemed to be very similar. I’m not surprised because they are sister companies. Revlon’s between $7-$9 I think. The one problem that Emily never noticed is that like the photoready foundation, the concealer has shimmer. I’ve never seen it on my face, but I still don’t like knowing that there IS shimmer that might be detectable by others.

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