Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm – Cherry Me & Peach Kiss

Super late to the party but I finally decided to give the Maybelline Baby Lips a try. I guess I stayed away so long because I’m very picky when it comes to fragrances and flavors in my lip balms and I knew there was a high probability that I wouldn’t like the scents Maybelline has to offer. But I watch Hollie Forrest on YouTube and she’s always raving about Baby Lips lip balms, so when I saw CVS was running another promo on Maybelline this week I decided to finally bite the bullet and buy a couple of shades.

Maybelline Peach Kiss, Maybelline Cherry Me, Nature Republic Strawberry

Maybelline Peach Kiss, Maybelline Cherry Me, Nature Republic Strawberry

I don’t like minty or cooling lip balms (too irritating in my experience) so I didn’t even bother with the Baby Lips Dr. Rescue lip balms that contain eucalyptus. And I wasn’t interested in any of the colorless or shimmery balms so that crossed the Baby Lips Crystal, Peppermint and Quenced Baby Lips lip balms off my list. That only left three shades: Peach Kiss, Cherry Me and Pink Punch. Because of the poor lighting in the store I didn’t realize that Peach Kiss contains shimmer so I ended up buying that shade along with Cherry Me.

Gotta say I’m not impressed. I expected the Baby Lips balms to be sheer, just not so sheer. Peach Kiss is an extremely sheer, slightly milky, shimmery peach. I have a lot of lip lines and milky colors are a big no no for me. Colors like these just gather in and emphasize my lips lines. And the shimmer certainly doesn’t help. Cherry Me which I’d hoped would be a red is actually a pink color. Again, the color is extremely sheer and just doesn’t do anything for me.

I wanted to swatch Nature Republic’s Natural Lip Butter Lip Balm in Strawberry alongside Cherry Me because it’s very similar in texture to the Baby Lips balms — creamy with a good amount of slip but not greasy — but is much more pigmented and a truer red compared to Cherry Me. I also think the Nature Republic balms smells/tastes a lot better; the fragrance is more natural and subtle compared to the Baby Lips which have more artificial, cloying fragrances.