Nordstrom Anniversary Haul! Converse Chuck Taylor Shoreline Sneakers

I didn’t end up buying any makeup from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year. Shocking, I know. Instead I decided to get a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor Shoreline Sneakers which I’ve had my eyes on for quite awhile. I have several pairs of the classic Chuck Taylor Low Tops in different colors but I’ve been curious about the Shoreline, which are slip-ons, ever since michele1218 mentioned them on her channel. Slip-ons are basically the only type of shoes I’ve been wearing this entire summer, so a cute pair that looks like Chuck Taylors really spoke to me.

Generally speaking I buy shoes between sizes and 8 and 9. Usually size 8 for flats and sandals that I wear without socks and sizes 8.5 or 9 for boots and shoes that require thin/thick socks.

I’ve read conflicting reviews about the Converse Shoreline sneakers. Some people say they’re true to size, some say they run small. I wear a Women’s Size 8 (Men’s size 6) in the classic Chuck Taylor Low Tops, so I decided to buy two pairs of the Shoreline (size 8 & size 8.5) and return the ones that didn’t fit after trying both of them.

The Shorelines are normally $49.95, the same price as the Chuck Taylor Low Tops, but they were on sale for $37.46 and then I used my $10 Nordstrom Rewards promotional certificate for an additional discount.

I now have both the Shoreline and classic Chuck Taylor Low Tops in the color black and if you’re like me and you were wondering about the differences between the two types of sneakers, here’s the rundown:

  • The classic Chuck Taylors have contrasting white stitching on black canvas (my sneakers are really old and so please excuse the discoloration from age/use). The Shoreline has black on black stitching.
  • The  Shorelines are elasticized so you can easily slip the sneaker off and on your feet.
  • The Shoreline is even more low cut and dips lower on the foot than the Chuck Taylor Low Top sneaker.
  • The Shoreline sneakers are narrower, so if you have wide feet you probably won’t like these as much as the regular Chuck Taylors.
  • The Shoreline has a looped tab on the back of the sneaker.
  • Comparing both shoes in size 8, the classic Chuck Taylors are longer by about 0.5 cm.

After trying both pairs of Shorelines, I’d say if you already know your size in the regular Chuck Taylors that you should get the same size in the Shorelines. I wear a womens size 8 in regular Chuck Taylors and the size 8 Shorelines fit me much better than the size 8.5.

The size 8 Shorelines feel narrower and tighter width-wise than the classic Chuck Taylors but not uncomfortable enough for me to return. I think they’ll feel better after I’ve broken them in a bit.

Although the size 8.5 Shorelines felt more comfortable width-wise, they were too long and when I tried walking the shoes kept slipping off the backs of my feet.

ETA: I think I’m actually going to send both pairs of Shorelines back and try to exchange one pair for the classic Chuck Taylor Low Tops. The Shorelines just don’t feel very secure along the heels/backs of my feet. They’re a lot more snug than the Chuck Taylor Low Tops and the elastic part is tight enough but the canvas is kind of baggy and loose back there. I don’t know, maybe it’s the shape of my feet but the shoes just don’t look or feel right on me. And I don’t think the classic Chuck Taylors make my feet look any bigger than the Shorelines. If it ain’t broke, why fix it? I think I’m going to stick with ol’ faithful.

ETA 2: Just finished an online chat session with Nordstrom Customer Service and unfortunately they wouldn’t be able to honor the $37.46 sale price if I were to exchange the Shorelines for the Low Tops, so I’m going to send both pairs of Shorelines back for a refund.


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  1. Great comparison! I prefer the styling of the classic just based on your review and photos.
    And yeah, the cut out of the Shoreline seems very low and would look like prone to slipping off.

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