Dollar Tree Haul

I want to share some of my recent Dollar Store purchases. Some are repeat purchases, some are first time purchases and several are time sensitive, get them while you can purchases.

First up are these storage cubes I stumbled across on my last Dollar Tree run. I have an Ikea Lappland TV Storage Unit currently in my living room and I’ve been trying to find storage cubes that not only fit the unit but are inexpensive. Ideally I want some nice, sturdy, woven wicker cubes and I’ve been stalking Target, Walmart, and Home Goods/Marshalls/TJ Maxx but I haven’t found any in just the right color, size and price yet. For now these Dollar Tree cubes are the perfect temporary placeholders for keeping all of my snacks, xbox games, DVDs, and other random odds and ends neatly sorted. I was hoping for a more neutral color but the Dollar Tree cubes only came in blue, lime green and hot pink and I thought the blue went best with my carpet. My carpet is multicolored so I suppose the lime green could’ve worked but it’s borderline fluorescent and a bit too bright for my taste.

I went absolutely bonkers with snacks. My local Dollar Tree got a shipment of Snyder’s pretzels this past week. If you saw my last supermarket/Target snack haul then you know I’m a huge fan of Snyder’s pretzel pieces so of course I went crazy and scooped up a ton since these were all 1/3 of the retail price. Snyder’s recently repackaged their entire snack line so I wasn’t surprised to see a bunch of the Buttermilk Ranch Pretzel Pieces (now called Zesty Ranch) at Dollar Tree. I actually went back to the store afterwards and bought several more bags.

The Honey Mustard & Onion Nibblers are sort of new to me. I’m familiar with the Honey Mustard & Onion Pretzel Pieces but I’ve never seen the flavor available in the larger Nibblers form. It’s not my favorite flavor so I only bought one bag.

A totally new flavor that I don’t remember ever seeing is the Sweet & Salty Pretzel Pieces in the Cinnamon Sugar flavor. In my last snack haul I purchased the Sweet & Salty Pretzel Pieces in the S’mores and Salted Caramel flavors. The latter was really tasty but I was unimpressed with the S’mores flavor. Well, the Cinnamon Sugar is just as good as the Salted Caramel and I’m not surprised. Who doesn’t like cinnamon sugar? These pretzel pieces basically taste like the churros you can get at the Costco food court or the cinnamon sugar soft pretzels at Auntie Anne’s. Really, really good. I went back to the store the next day hoping to stock up on more bags but they were all sold out 😦

Also grabbed a bag of the Cheddar Popcorners (my favorite flavor) and a bag of the Snyder’s Unsalted Mini Pretzels.

I think I discovered these Dollar Tree canned peaches last year and they’re now the only canned peaches I buy. Every time I go to Dollar Tree I buy a couple more cans to add to the pantry. Let’s just say that if a zombie apocalypse happened tomorrow I’d be able to survive on peaches for awhile.

I used to only buy Dole or Del Monte canned peaches but these Dollar Tree peaches are much better in my opinion. Crazy, right? They’re only available in heavy syrup which coincidentally is the only type of canned peach I buy anyway but the reason I like them so much is because of the texture. Dole and Del Monte peaches are just the tiniest bit too soft; the edges of the cut halves are always soft to the point where they’re kind of float-y and disintegrating in the syrup, if that makes any sense. The Dollar Tree peaches are ripe and just as sweet but have a firmer texture and hold up better. In other words, they’re not as mushy as Dole and Del Monte peaches.

Occasionally I like to try their frozen foods. I think the Dollar Tree fries are pretty decent but a bit dry so you need to toss them in a bit of oil before you bake them if you want them to be crispy. Their burritos and Jamaican meat patties are boring. But these Pizza Snack Rolls are pretty good except you never know how many you’ll get in a box. The box says 20 rolls but sometimes I’ve gotten 22, 23 and one time I even got 25. I felt like I won the lottery. LOL. The pizza rolls are available in three flavors: Pepperoni, Four Cheese and Combination. I usually go for the Combination and I  always like to keep 3 or 4 boxes in the freezer for those lazy days that I don’t want to cook. In my opinion, these taste just as good as the Totino’s Pizza Rolls but I actually like these a bit more. Compared to the Totino’s rolls these are a tiny bit smaller so the there’s a larger crust to filling ratio. The crust is always my favorite part of pizza/pizza rolls so I’m down with that. And I think the Dollar Tree rolls crisp up better in the oven/toaster oven. Because there’s more sauce and filling in the Totino’s rolls, those take longer to bake, are more prone to being a bit soggy and tend to burst and ooze more often in the oven. The Dollar Tree rolls don’t explode as much and are less messy.

The canned cherry pie filling is a good cheat I discovered at the Dollar Tree. Cherry pie is my second favorite pie after lemon but it’s hard finding fresh sour cherries where I live and canned cherry pie filling or canned sour cherries can be expensive at the supermarket. Even though I use the canned filling, I still prefer to make my own pie crusts rather than use the store bought stuff. Homemade crust is always better. One can of the Dollar Tree cherry pie filling is enough to fill a 9″ pie.

Dollar Tree also sells canned apple pie filling which I haven’t tried but I have tried their canned peach pie filling. It’s okay but a bit sweet and bland. However, it works with a few tweaks. Just add a bit of fresh lemon juice to perk it up and a dash of cinnamon and it’s perfect.

I also decided to try some candies. Big mistake. These are basically cavities waiting to happen. The Russell Stover Caramel Latte chocolate has decent coffee flavor (in the caramel layer) but it’s so, so, so sweet. The thick marshmallow layer is overkill and tastes like pure sugar. I can literally only take the tiniest nibble, it’s just so sweet. One tiny baby bite and I’m good for the rest of the day with sweets.

The Laima Tiramisu chocolate is less sweet and has a milder coffee flavor but it’s still pretty darn sweet and the chocolate flavor isn’t all that great.