Wet n Wild Haul

I was in CVS picking up a prescription when I came across the limited edition Spring 2016 Wet n Wild display. There were some pastel colored eye shadow trios but for some unknown reason I decided to grab both highlighters ($5.29 each). I’m not sure why I got them because I already have some highlighters that I already love and I’m still committed to keeping my makeup stash small. They may very well end up being awesome but the rational part of me knows that I don’t need them (not like anyone really needs makeup), so I’m putting them up for sale on my blog sale page.

I also popped into Dollar Tree to see if I could find any of the discontinued Wet n Wild Fergie items, specifically the blushes. No luck there but I decided to grab a couple of the brushes and a spare sharpener.

One thought on “Wet n Wild Haul

  1. I can understand the momentary lapse that caused you to buy those 2 highlighters! They look so neat with the geometric design though…

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