Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale

I popped into Victoria’s Secret the first day of their Semi-Annual Sale which is currently happening right now. The stores in my area usually have a pretty nice selection of sale items so I expected to come away with lots of goodies but I ended up only buying one perfume.

I’m not sure when they came out but apparently Victoria’s Secret had a limited edition coconut themed line of perfumes and body care. If you know me then you know I love all things coconut. If I remember correctly, there were four scents: a patchouli coconut, a mimosa coconut, a warm sugar coconut, and fig coconut scent. The warm sugar coconut smelled nice but generic, like pretty much any sweet vanilla coconut scent I’ve ever smelled before. I’m over musky, heavy scents so I wasn’t attracted to either the patchouli or fig perfumes. My favorite was definitely the mimosa coconut. It’s warm and the coconut is definitely the dominant note but it’s a little clean too.

The Moroccan Coconut Mimosa EDP is normally $68 but it was half off. I tried looking for a smaller travel size of the scent but they were all out. Oh, well, it’s a pretty good deal for a 3.4 fl oz (100 ml) bottle but I’m hoping the price on it drops even more in the next couple of weeks so I can get a price adjustment.

One thought on “Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale

  1. Hmm I love coconut scents, this sounds like something I’d wear. I don’t like musk either so the others wouldn’t appeal to me. I’ll have to swing by to have a sniff.

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