Target Handbag & Accessories Haul

I ordered a few items from during Memorial Day weekend when they were running a 30% off promo in-store and online on all apparel and accessories.

I’d intended to post this earlier but almost all of the items were shipped separately several days apart and I wanted to wait until I’d received everything. I’ve have incidents in the past where I’ve successfully submitted an order but then a few days later I was told that either my entire order or part of my order was cancelled because they’d miscounted their inventory and the items had gone out of stock. I wanted to have everything in hand before I said anything.

If they’re still available, I’ll link all of the items below but each one was definitely $25 or less after the discount. None of the items I ordered are particularly special or amazing, just a few casual handbags to replace old ones that I’ve worn out. I’m not the kind of person who spends a lot on her purses. Labels and brand names don’t really impress me. In fact, I prefer apparel and bags that don’t have any logos or brand names splashed all over them.

I was super excited to see the Women’s dv Flap Top Backpack Handbag (regularly $34.99, on sale $24.49) come back in stock after nearly a year. If I have to buy a purse I generally go for a crossbody bag but ever since I got that backpack purse from Old Navy last year it’s become my primary purse. I love how completely hands-free it allows me to be. Even with crossbody bags, those can get in the way when I’m out shopping but a backpack purse leaves me completely unobstructed. I don’t have to constantly worry about the bag swinging in my way when I’m trying to grab something from a shelf or skimming through a rack of clothes.

My Old Navy bag still looks as good as new but I wanted to add another backpack purse to my collection. This time, however, I wanted one with a bit more structure. The Old Navy bag is all well and good but it’s definitely on the slouchy side. I came across the Target dv Flap Top Backpack Handbag last year and it seemed to be everything I’d been looking for in a backpack purse but it went immediately out of stock in both colors. That’s why when I saw them back on the site I knew I had to get them. I couldn’t decide on which color to get so I got both.

I have to say the material looks nicer in person than I expected and not terribly plastic. It comes with an extra shoulder strap so you could wear it as a shoulder bag, I suppose, but I plan on detaching it (it clips onto two D-rings). Inside is just one main compartment with a small zippered pocket on the interior back wall.

The one thing I don’t like is the backpack straps; I wish they were attached to the bag separately rather than being joined together on the back in a central D-ring. As such, I don’t know how much stress/weight the purse can handle. I intended to use the bag strictly as purse to carry my wallet and several other lightweight items, so I don’t see it affecting me too much but if you’re looking at the bag and thinking about using it to actually carry books, I wouldn’t recommend it. I don’t think the straps are strong enough for that.

I also purchased the Women’s Small Crossbody Handbag – A+ in Dusty Gold (regularly $34.99, on sale $24.49).

I liked the shape and size of it based on the stock photos online however I wasn’t sold on the color when I ordered it. I’m glad I took a chance on it because the color looks totally different in person than it does on the website. It’s not so much a dusty gold as it is a distressed/aged brown color which I think looks quite nice. It has the look of a well worn, well used piece of leather but it’s definitely not genuine leather.

I actually purchased this wallet in store (regularly $14.99, on sale $10.49). Unfortunately I can’t seem to find it online.

I was really drawn to the ivory color and gold studs which are on the both the front and back of the wallet. There aren’t quite as many card slots inside as I’d like but I think this wristlet be good for those days when I want to pop into the grocery store quickly and don’t want to lug around anything too bulky.

You don’t know how happy I was when I found the Women’s Genuine Pebble Leather Zip Around Wallet Stone NY (regularly $16.99, on sale $11.89). I usually carry longer checkbook or continental style wallets but I’ve been meaning to buy a smaller one for some time. The only thing is the smaller wallets I usually find never quite meet my specifications. I prefer smaller wallets that zip all the way around because I don’t want any of my loose change falling out but I also want one that has a lot of card slots. And then, of course, it has to look suitably grown up. For some reason, zip around wallets usually have velcro or come in horrible colors.

This particular wallet has plenty of card slots, zips all the way around and is made of a pretty decent looking pebbled leather. I know it’s plain but it’ll match all of my bags. I was originally going to get the wallet in red but I think the black will hold up better over time.

5 thoughts on “Target Handbag & Accessories Haul

  1. The backpack looks great – I can understand why you’d snag up both colours when they came back in stock! Great prices too.

  2. I get my purses from Payless shoes haha. They’re cheap and yes, it varies how long they last, but one of them took 7 years before finally dying. (The material started flaking badly this year)

    • Forgot to add that all your choices look really nice. The crossbody is a very pretty color… Never thought I’d think something brown is pretty lol…

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