Collective Haul

Just wanted to share some goodies I’ve purchased over the past few months.

My favorite place to shop for drugstore cosmetics is CVS. Their retail prices are a lot higher than other stores such as Target or Walmart but CVS’ ExtraBucks rewards program makes shopping there worthwhile. I always make a point to shop only when a specific item I’m interested in is on sale with ExtraBucks being offered.

On my two most recent shopping trips I scooped up the newest Physicians Formula bronzers and actually made money back on them. The bronzers were about $15 apiece which is quite pricey for drugstore makeup but the CVS coupon machine was spitting out $5 off coupons, there were $4 off manufacturer’s coupons on each bronzer AND CVS was offering $8 back in ExtraBucks on Physicians Formula purchases. I did two separate tansactions for the bronzers but I paid entirely with ExtraBucks that I earned from a prior Physicians Formula purchase so, all in all, I spent $0 cash and got $8 in ExtraBucks back for each bronzer. Sweet deal. I’ve heard excellent things about the new Butter Bronzer so I’m looking forward to trying it out.

The Wet n Wild nail polishes weren’t as great a deal. I believe they were BOGO with $4 in ExtraBucks back but like the bronzers I was able to pay completely with ExtraBucks, so I didn’t have to spend any actual money on them. The purchase was inspired by aLoveTart on YouTube, who’s worn and raved about the neutral mauve Stay Classy shade on her channel before. The other shade I picked up is Crime of Passion, a red creme.

I’ve been experimenting more with fragrances and have bought a few Victoria’s Secret perfumes since early this year. I’m not much of a fume head. Honestly, I probably wear a scent maybe once or twice a month, if that, so I’m never going to be the kind of person who splurges on or invest in really pricey fragrances. Plus, I have a really sensitive nose so I prefer my fragrances to be on the subtler (i.e. weak) side. I like fragrances that wear really close to the skin and fade. I detest perfumes that are so strong that someone 10 feet away from me can smell them. I don’t like smelling other people’s perfumes when I’m out in public and I don’t like the idea of other people being able to smell me when I walk into a room. It just seems like an invasion of personal space, you know.

I picked up Forever Sexy, Love Me More and Dark Angel at Victoria’s Secret and out of the three Forever Sexy is surprisingly my favorite. I expected to like Love Me More because it has the most gourmand sounding scent description but it was a lot fruitier than I wanted. I thought Dark Angel would be another winner but it was disappointingly musky. For a time I was really into musky scents like Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods but I’m so over them now.

Forever Sexy is a pretty citrus and floral fragrance that’s not too heavy but I think I’d actually prefer this in a weaker body spray format which I’ll probably buy eventually when there’s a sale. I also think the bottle is the cutest out of all three. The Dark Angel bottle is tacky in my opinion and I’m not a fan of the Love Me More atomizer. I purchased the perfumes when they were on sale for $25 and paid for them with Angel Rewards.