Winter Non-Beauty Favorites

We had a bit of snow here in New York this past weekend but I have a feeling that that’s the last bout of cold weather we’ll have for awhile. The weather’s been warming up gradually since then and I think we’re finally moving into spring now but I just wanted to share a few purchases I made over the course of the winter that turned out to be great buys.

First, I decided to get a new rug for the living room. Nothing too abstract, too dark, too light or too traditional. I’m not into the look of those old fashioned oriental/Persian rugs. I wanted something a bit brighter, more colorful and something that would conceal stains. The living room’s a high traffic area and I have a dog, so caring for something like a white carpet is too high maintenance for me.

I decided on the Orian Rugs Circles Gomaz Multi Area Rug. It’s available at several online retailers including Walmart in various sizes and shapes but the 6’6″ x 10′ size was perfect for my needs. I got mine off of Amazon for $139 which I thought was pretty reasonable and shipping was lightning fast.

It’s a pretty low profile rug which is exactly what I wanted. I knew I didn’t want a rug with a lot of height because that would just be a pain in the ass to clean (a higher likelihood of crumbs and debris trapped in the yarn) and vacuum.

I love how colorful the rug is because it goes with everything. I could literally change up my decor and this rug would still match.


This was a totally spontaneous buy which turned out to be an amazing value. I was at Walmart early in the winter when I came across a display for these little space heaters for $10. I decided to get one not expecting anything but ended up loving it! I wish I’d gotten a second one but the next time I went back they were sold out.

It’s super small and lightweight but heats up an entire room really quickly. I’ve mainly been sticking it under my desk to keep my feet warm on colder days. Ha ha. I know I could always wear socks but they make my feet feel claustrophobic.


I’m also really loving the backpack purse I purchased at Old Navy several months ago. It makes shopping and just doing everyday tasks so much easier because it leaves both hands totally free. I never have to worry about the bag slipping off one shoulder or getting in my way the way I would with a shoulder bag or cross body purse. It’s not the greatest looking bag but when I bought it I wasn’t sure how much I’d enjoy a backpack purse, so this was like a trial bag. Now that I know I like backpack purses I’ll upgrade to something better.

The bag has tassels but I like to tuck them inside the bag to keep them out of the way.


Last year I got a boy’s red jacket from Old Navy on clearance for my sister’s son and I mentioned how I have a thing for red coats and was kind of sad that I couldn’t find one in my size. Well, I found this red coat on clearance at Walmart after clearance for $30 that looks really similar. The Old Navy coat was made of canvas type material but the Walmart one is made of a water resistant material which I like a bit better. The faux fur trim on the hood is also detachable.

It’s really lightweight and surprisingly warm. I wouldn’t wear it out in a snow storm when it’s ultra cold because it’s not quite that warm but it’s perfect for those mid-30s-50 degree days.

I also got to wear my Sorel Sorelli Tall Boots a lot this winter because it snowed so much. I’ve owned this pair of boots for years now and they’re still as good as new. They’re super comfortable, extremely warm and completely waterproof. I love how well they fit against my calves, the length of the boots and the low heel.