I Buy, I Purge

In what’s sadly become a routine for me, it’s time again to purge. You know, I try really hard to be satisfied with my stash but with all of the new makeup releases and launches that are constantly happening, how can I not be tempted? There are always new palettes and eye shadows with all these different colors and innovative formulas coming out and, of course, as a beauty junkie I want to try them all. But I don’t. That would be really bad. I limit myself to palettes with colors that I know I’ll use. Or at least I try to limit myself. It doesn’t always work.

This is what my current eye shadow stash looks like at the moment.

You’re probably wondering why the bareMinerals The Regal Wardrobe eye & cheek palette is still here since I said in a previous blog post that I’d be getting rid of it because compared with my other palettes it’s a bit warm and I prefer cooler neutrals. I did put it up on my blog sale page but it didn’t sell and then I began having second thoughts. Although it is a touch warmer than I want, the colors are still in the neutral realm (my comfort zone) and I really love the bareMinerals pressed eye shadow formula, so I rescued it from the purge pile.

Shortly afterwards the Ciate Smouldering Eye palette showed up on my doorstep. I placed an order specifically for it after being super impressed by the Ciate Smokey Suedes palette despite knowing the colors were going to be too smoky, deep and out of my comfort zone. The formula of the Smokey Suedes palette was just that good that I completely forgot about my own self-imposed rule to stick with safe neutral colors.

The bareMinerals duos in The Hot Spot and The Overachiever as well as the Viseart Cool Matte palette are safe from being purged. Love them still.

The MUFE Artist Nude shadows don’t apply quite as nicely onto my extremely dry eyelids as bareMinerals READY shadows but I love the colors and overall they’re not bad. I think I’ll keep them.

The newbie to my collection is the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette which only arrived this morning. I’m not sure if I’ll get much use out of the hot pink, purple or blue shades but the rest of the colors are totally up my alley. The Bon Bons shadows feel a bit drier and stiffer than all of the other shadows here, especially the velvety smooth Ciate shadows, but I’m loving the array of shimmer and matte light neutral shades. I’ve only swatched and applied a few of the shades onto my eyes so far, but I’ve owned and used several other Too Faced palettes before and, based on first impressions, the Bon Bons shadows feel and perform similar to those. If you like other Too Faced palettes, chances are you’ll like Bon Bons too. Too Faced’s shadow formula isn’t my favorite but they’re a good solid choice and I think they always offer a nice selection of neutrals in their palettes.

Looking over my current stash, the palettes that really stand out and don’t seem to belong are the Ciate palettes, especially the Smouldering Eye palette. The Smokey Suedes palette has turned out to be surprisingly versatile. I can get an office friendly daytime look from it just as easily as a smoky eye look, plus the colors work well with the other neutral palettes in my stash. However, I’m having difficulty making the Smouldering Eye palette work for me. Blues, burgundies and deeper smoky colors in general simply aren’t in my wheelhouse. Even though I love the texture of the shadows and how the colors look in the palette, they’re just too far out of my comfort zone. If I kept it, I know it would just languish in my drawer for ages and I’d only pull it out to look at every once in awhile. That would be such a waste when I could sell it and someone else could get better use out of it.

So there you go. The Ciate Smouldering Eye palette is being cut from my stash. My palette stash is still a bit bigger than I want — I was hoping to keep it at 5 or less — but under 10 is still good.