Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Gold Palette

I bought a lot of makeup from Sephora and to sort of justify the purchases I promised myself that I would purge an equal amount of makeup from my current stash. I’m still very serious about keeping my stash small and not letting my natural hoarding tendencies take over again.

One recent purchase that also ended up being a purge was the Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Gold Palette ($39).

The Sparklicity Gold palette comes in a lightweight, gold and cream plastic compact decorated with pearl beads, crystals, flowers and a skull. It’s pretty, girly and creepy in an oddly cool kind of way. It’s not going to be everybody’s cup of tea but I think it’s cute.

I was really attracted to colors in the palette, the light pink and central mustard amber shades in particular. It’s a good “neutral” palette with a twist. Unfortunately, it’s much too warm for my skin tone. That’s not the palette’s fault. I knew before I bought it that it was going to be warm but I still got it anyway in the hopes that it would magically look great on me. Sadly, warm colors don’t do me any favors and I just need to deal with it and stick to cool colors.

If you’re not into shimmer then this palette isn’t for you because every single shade contains shimmer. The shimmer in Fringe, Brooch and Twinking Topaz are noticeable but not over the top but you get full on sparkles with Rosette and Frill. Thankfully, the sparkle isn’t chunky or gritty.

The shadows are okay but not the best I’ve ever tried in terms of color payoff and texture. The dark brown and mustard shade are nicely pigmented and Fringe is all right but the two lightest shades gave me a bit of difficulty. Not only are they the sparkliest shades in the palette but they’re also very sheer. Neither color showed up well on my dry lids. I was able to build up the sparkle easily but not the pigmentation.

I got the palette mainly because of michele1218. She raved about it years ago and even showed it off in a recent declutter video. The palette looks and works great on her so it’s probably just an issue of my skin being too dry for it. Certain formulas simply don’t adhere to my dry skin very well and can come off looking patchy and sheer even with a primer or base underneath. I have the same issue with LORAC shadows and tons of people love those, so your mileage may vary. Even though the Sparklicity Gold shadows under-performed on me, they may end up working brilliantly on you. I’ve seen other people’s swatches of this palette and the colors look much richer and more vibrant on them than they do on me.