Viseart Cool Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Viseart Cool Matte Eyeshadow Palette

The Viseart Cool Matte eye shadow palette’s one of the items I picked up from Sephora using my VIB discount.

The palette normally retails for a whopping $80 which is a lot more than I’m comfortable paying for cosmetics, professional grade quality notwithstanding. However, I was able to knock off $20 from the price tag with my VIB gift card and combine that with the 8% cash back offer from for a nice discount. $50+ for a single palette is still quite expensive but much more reasonable for a non-professional, makeup hobbyist such as myself.

Viseart Cool Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Although the Viseart Neutral Matte palette gets a lot of raves, it was the Cool Matte palette that really interested me. In my experience, a good quality cool-toned palette is really hard to come by. Most “neutral” eye shadow palettes, like the Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette that I recently purchased, lean very warm. Either that or they’re extremely dark and smoky and not something I’d personally feel comfortable wearing in the daytime in an office setting.

Unfortunately, the reviews for the Cool Matte palette are a lot more mixed with some people saying the pigmentation and texture aren’t as nice, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was really hoping that I’d fall in with the group of people who are unimpressed with the palette, that way I could cross it off my list of products I need to try in my life, sell it on my blog sale and move on. Sadly, I ended up really, really liking it.

Viseart Cool Matte Eyeshadow Palette

The Viseart Cool Matte shadows come in a no-frills, plastic compact with a clear plastic lid.

I’ve seen a lot of people complain about the packaging but keep in mind that this is a palette that was designed with the professional makeup artist in mind. It needs to be compact, easy to store and easy to locate among all of the odds and ends inside a makeup artist’s travel case. The Viseart palette appears to be sturdily built to withstand travel, so I’m not too worried about the lid snapping off its hinges the way I would be with something like Wet n Wild’s plastic compacts. The Viseart packaging is made of much thicker, stronger plastic and the clear lid allows a makeup artist to reach into their bag and easily grab the palette they need, which would be helpful if they own several different Viseart palettes.

The packaging is simple and functional rather than decorative which is something I can appreciate as someone who’s more of a minimalist.

Viseart Cool Matte Eyeshadow Palette

The Cool Matte palette comes with 12 shadows that I would personally classify as semi-mattes rather than true mattes. None of the shadows have that traditional dry, flat look to them that I normally associate with matte shadows. These all have a very subtle sheen and if you look really closely at my swatches of the darker shades you’ll see that they actually have a tiny bit of superfine microshimmer. But fear not, the microshimmer’s barely detectable unless you’re staring at the shadows up close.

A few of the shadows, namely the peach and browns, appear a touch warm in the pans but luckily read more neutral on my skin. Overall, I think that this is very versatile array of cool neutral shades. None of the colors feel redundant or too similar. You’ve got a good highlight shade and several options for lid, crease and transition shades.

To make things interesting, they’ve even thrown in a few colorful shades. When I purchased the Cool Matte palette I was at a loss as to how I’d be able to incorporate the pink, purple and blue shades into wearable looks but I’ve been experimenting with different color combinations and the shadows are all surprisingly complementary and versatile. If you wanted to go really bold, you could definitely wear the pink, purple or blue shades heavily on the lids but if you’re like me and prefer more understated neutral looks, these colorful shades all work well as subtle accents blended and layered on top of the more neutral shades through the crease or in the outer corners of the eyes.

Viseart Cool Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Viseart Cool Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Viseart Cool Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Although I really love the color selection, I have to say I’m most impressed with the texture and pigmentation of the Viseart shadows. The texture strikes a nice balance: they’re smooth, finely milled and soft without being powdery, and firm but not to the point of being stiff. It’s easy to pick up product by just lightly touching a brush to the shadow’s surface. There’s no need to swirl or scrub at the shadows to grab product and they don’t kick up powder in the pan. But the best part is how easily these shadows build in pigmentation and blend. They layer so well and take almost zero effort to blend. They don’t go patchy or muddy when I try to blend them out the way a lot of shadow do on me.

The color payoff of the Viseart shadows, for me, is perfect: really pigmented but not crazily so. Shadows that are very sheer are often a pain in the ass because of the additional time needed to build the pigmentation up. But shadows that are insanely pigmented are just as troublesome because it’s easy to go overboard and then you need to spend extra time buffing them out. With the Viseart shadows, a light touch and thin layer of product is all I need to get an even wash of color on my lids. And if I want to create a bolder, deeper smoky eye, like I said earlier, these shadows blend and build in no time at all. I’m never afraid that I’ll end up looking like I have two black eyes.

Another interesting aspect of the Viseart shadows is how incredibly natural and skin-like the finish is. Perhaps it’s because I have ultra dry skin but all powder shadows, especially matte shadows, always look visibly powdery on me. The special thing about the Viseart shadows is how lightweight they appear on the skin. Other than the visible color they leave behind — and they leave behind plenty of color — they’re practically invisible. They don’t look heavy, powdery, chalky or cakey on the skin. They just look like skin (if it were naturally taupe, brown, purple, etc.).

Honestly, I’m completely satisfied with this palette purchase. The formula’s great and a dream to work with, the shadows are nicely pigmented and blend well, and the colors are very versatile and wearable. If you’re looking to condense your makeup collection and want a good cool matte palette that you can create a variety of looks with, this is a good one. You can totally create a complete eye look with this palette alone. Alternatively, if you’re trying to expand your collection by including more cool neutrals, you could hardly go wrong with the Viseart Cool Matte palette.

Highly recommend.