Time to Purge Once Again & Blog Sale Announcement

I was organizing my stash this morning and realized that, once again, things have gotten out of hand.

With all of the recent sales and holiday shopping I’ve been doing, my eye shadow collection has ballooned once more. I’ve been negligent and completely forgot about my self-imposed rule of “buy one, get rid of one.” That is, if I buy something new I’m only allowed to keep it if I get rid of something I already own. This rule forces me to be really critical about my purchases and helps me keep my makeup collection small and manageable.

Here’s a look at all of my current eye shadows. There are others that I’ve already purged and listed on my blog sale but these are the ones that are either longtime favorites or really new purchases.

I already know that I’m keeping the Bare Minerals duos (The Overachiever and The Hot Spot). I gravitate towards cooler neutrals, so I love how the shimmers aren’t too golden or warm and the matte shades are cooler taupes. They’re both duos that I reach for often and the taupes actually work well as brow powders too.

The Ciate Olivia Palermo Smokey Suedes palette is a recent purchase but another no-brainer. These aren’t the types of colors that I normally buy but I’m totally digging the plummy mauve and earthy colors and the textures of the powders are fantastic.

Tarina Tarantino’s Sparklicity Gold palette is new to my collection but a longtime wish list item. Michele1218 on YouTube’s raved and used this palette for years and I finally got my hands on one. It’s a gorgeous quint but unfortunately way too warm for me. I really should’ve known better but it was too pretty to resist.

NARS Dione is a truly beautiful eye shadow but I find my tastes are gradually shifting towards satin and matte shades these days, so Dione’s gone virtually untouched since I reviewed it months ago. The color, finish and formula are great but it’s not really my style nowadays. It’s the same reason I recently purged my Stila Kitten shadow too.

Bare Minerals’ The Magic Act palette is one I used to own awhile ago. I even swatched it for my blog but then sold it off because one specific pink shade in the palette didn’t look so hot on me. But I really missed some of the other shades in the palette, so I ended up repurchasing it. If you look closely, I haven’t even touched The Magic Act palette yet because I knew that I was going to get the Make Up For Ever Nudes palette with my Sephora gift card and I planned on keeping whichever palette was cooler toned. Quality-wise, both are fantastic so it was a tough call but I think the MUFE palette is slightly cooler so that’s the one I’ve decided to keep.

Of course, then I had to reevaluate the Bare Minerals The Regal Wardrobe palette which I only got two and half weeks ago from the Sephora VIB sale. It’s a wonderful eye shadow palette that actually comes with several cheek products but next to the MUFE palette it’s definitely a bit warmer and has several deeper shades. If I force myself to be really critical, I have to admit I prefer the lighter and cooler neutrals of the MUFE palette more.

So now I’m left with five palettes — the Ciate, MUFE, Viseart and two Bare Minerals duos — which I think is a good, easy to manage number.

If you’re interested in buying the NARS single, larger Bare Minerals palettes and Tarina Tarantino quint that I purged, I’ve listed them on my blog sale. There are also a bunch of other makeup and miscellaneous items I’m also selling, so please take a look. As always, U.S. residents and PayPal only.