Old Navy Haul

Yesterday I dropped by the mall to make a return and caught the tail end of an Old Navy 40% store-wide sale/50% off clearance sale combo. There were a few items I’d been eyeing online but had been on the fence about, so I was happy to be able to find everything in store where I could see, feel and try them on.

The first items on my shopping list were these faux leather slip ons (regularly $22.94, on sale for $13.76). They look almost exactly like the black faux suede slip ons that I’d purchased at Old Navy’s winter clearance sale and I wore those shoes almost exclusively this past summer. Knowing how much use I got out of that pair and how comfortable they are, I decided it was a good idea to snag two pairs of the faux leather slip ons.

The reason I went to the mall in the first place was to return this pair of Old Navy Duck Boots. I know duck boots aren’t for everyone. They’re an acquired taste and a lot of people think the style’s hideous but I think they’re cute and I’ve been considering buying a pair of duck boots for the past two years. However, I’ve never followed through mainly because of the price and availability. Duck boots have become really trendy lately and a lot of retailers have them on back order because they can’t meet the sudden surge in demand. A pair of real leather duck boots generally runs $100+ a pair, so when I saw these Old Navy knockoffs online and in stock, I ordered them right away. Old Navy has hit it out of the ballpark with shoes for me this year, so I had really high hopes with their duck boots. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to return them.

I usually wear a size 8 in Old Navy flats and slip ons but I wanted to size up with these boots because I planned on wearing them with thick socks during the winter. Since Old Navy only sells whole sizes and no half sizes, I ordered the boots in a size 9 and I’m glad I did because they fit my feet exactly. If I wore them with thick socks, they’d be a very snug fit.

One thing I really like about these boots is that they’re insulated on the inside, so they’re very warm, soft and comfortable. With many of the name brand duck boots, if you want an insulated pair you have to pay a lot extra.

However, the reason I’m returning the Old Navy Duck Boots is because I think they’re super ugly. Cue What Are Those? meme. Regardless of how comfy these boots are, they make me feel like I’m wearing Herman Munster/orthopedic shoes. They look very big and clunky on the feet, especially the toe box which slopes upwards and creates an ugly hump at the very tip of the shoe when the boots are viewed in profile.

Additionally, although the soles look like they provide traction with the zigzag design on the bottoms, they feel quite smooth and plasticky (rather than grippy and rubbery) so I personally wouldn’t feel confident wearing them on slippery, icy surfaces. Also, the faux patent leather uppers, especially the loops that the laces are threaded through, feel like they’ll tear after awhile.

All in all, I’d rather save my money and splurge on a pair of authentic, high quality leather duck boots.

I’d been interested in this faux fur lined infinity scarf (retail $22.94) but I’d hesitated in buying it online because I wasn’t sure how soft or warm it would be in person. Note: it’s actually very soft and warm but it’s more of a fluffy fleece lined scarf than a fur lined scarf. Nevertheless I think it’s well made and I love the color and cable knit design.

I’m about 5’8″ and, looped in a single layer around my neck, the scarf hangs about 3 inches below my belly button. I can loop the scarf twice around my neck but just barely because of the thick, fleece lined material; however, I can’t do it without grazing the sides of my face. I can see that being an issue for people who wear a full face of makeup because chances are it’ll rub off on the scarf. In my opinion, this scarf would’ve been easier to loop and wear if it had been a few inches longer because the plush lining makes the scarf shorter than it looks. Fortunately, I only wear face makeup on my cheeks to it’s not a big problem for me.

If you recall from my earlier haul posts this summer, I’d mentioned how I’ve been searching for a good, basic backpack purse. I’d come across a few at Target but they were either two large/unstructured or the material looked really cheap. So imagine how happy I was when I spotted these backpacks for sale on Old Navy’s website. A ton of other people must have been just as happy because the bags keep going in and out of stock on the website. Luckily, I was able to find both colors in store and snagged the last ones they had.

These backpack purse are very simple. They have comfortable, adjustable straps on the back of the bag, drawstrings and magnetic closures, and a single zippered pocket on the interior wall of the backpack. It’s basically just one big compartment on the inside which I don’t mind because I don’t carry much with me when I’m out and about besides my keys and wallet.

You’d think both bags would be equally nice but I prefer the black version. In person, it feels and looks more like real, soft, supple leather whereas the brown version feels stiffer and looks more like faux leather. I still can’t decide whether or not to keep the brown bag. Maybe it’ll soften and look better with use.

The other reason I needed to go to Old Navy was to get a price adjustment on these baby boy jeans. I bought them earlier in the week when I found them in the clearance section for $6.99 each (usually $16.94 a pair), so they were a good deal already. However, when I saw Old Navy advertising an additional 50% off clearance this Sunday, I wanted to get some of my money back. I believe there’s a 14 day window from the time of purchase in which Old Navy will do price adjustments.

In the end, I got the jeans for $3.50 a pair which is awesome and I used the credit I got back towards the purchase of the following item: the Frost Free Fleece-Lined Vest. With all of the recent shopping I’ve been doing at Old Navy lately, I’d earned $10 in Old Navy rewards so I also applied that towards the vest. After all the discounts, I actually didn’t have to pay anything. In fact, they had to issue me a credit of $2.66. Yay!

I hate form fitting clothes and have a long torso, so I always size up in tops (for a more relaxed fit and extra length) and take a medium but I tried the vest in both Small and Medium and the former looked much better on me. The Medium is a lot wider, but sadly not much longer than the Small, so it looked oddly boxy on me. I’m wearing the Small vest in the pic below along with the Old Navy Boyfriend straight jeans that I showed in a previous haul.

The vest is lightweight yet very warm, perfect for those in between days that are too warm for a coat but too cool to go without an extra layer. I like the vest so much I may go back and get a second one when they run another promotion. I have my eye on the orange-red colored vest.