Cheap Toaster Oven & Trader Joe’s Haul

Speaking of cheap appliances, which I mentioned in my last blog post, there’s a really great deal on Proctor Silex toaster ovens (model #31116R) this week at ShopRite. If you have a store near you, you might be interested to know that they’re currently on sale for $19.99 (originally $39.99) plus there’s a $5 digital coupon on that will bring the final price down to $14.99. The cheapest I’ve seen this toaster is at Walmart and even then it’s usually over $30, so this is an awesome, awesome deal. Less than half price! This is the perfect opportunity for cost conscious shoppers, like college students, to get a toaster oven for cheap.

On the way back from ShopRite, I stopped at Trader Joe’s and purchased the following:

  • Original Hummus Dip $4.49
  • Beet Hummus $4.49
  • Kouigns Aman (Queen of Croissants) $3.49
  • Almond Croissants $2.29

If you’ve been keeping track, so far I’ve tried Trader Joe’s Mediterranean Hummus and their White Bean & Basil Hummus. Both were really, really tasty and I recommend both although I prefer the White Bean hummus more but mainly because I’m not a big fan of cumin which is a prominent spice in the Mediterranean variety. I plan on eating my way through all of Trader Joe’s hummus flavors eventually with the exception of the Horseradish Hummus because I don’t care for the sinus burn of horseradish.

I also plan on blogging about the Kouigns Aman and Almond Croissants. I’ve tried Trader Joe’s Chocolate Croissants before and blogged about those previously. Those were fantastic! All of the croissants and pastries I’ve mentioned come frozen and raw and require you to proof and bake them yourself. Even though I didn’t make the dough myself, it gives me a sense of satisfaction pulling a freshly baked batch of pastries from the oven. I’ve actually had a hell of a time finding the Kouigns Aman; every time I’ve gone to the store they’ve been sold out, so I hope they’re worth the time I spent trying to locate them.

I’ve made do all these years with a microwave and an oven for heating/re-heating foods, and for my toasting needs I’ve always used a standard 2-slice toaster. My sister recently got a Cuisinart toaster oven and I played around with it when I visited her a couple of months ago. I thought the toaster oven was a really handy device for reheating food, especially when you only want to heat up something small like a a single slice of pizza. Anyway, ever since then I’ve been saving up for a Breville toaster oven, which I’ve heard is one of the best, but before I fully commit and spend $100+ on it I wanted to get something a bit cheaper to see if I really need a toaster oven in my life. Enter the Proctor Silex toaster oven which I think is the perfect, cheapo “starter” toaster oven.

I’ve made toast with the Proctor Silex toaster oven so far and it toasted the bread pretty evenly but I don’t like how loud the machine is. For toast, you turn the knob to the toast setting and then it counts down like an old fashioned kitchen timer. You actually hear it ticking down the seconds (like a bomb!) and then it makes a loud ding at the end. To be honest, it’s kind of annoying. But it was cheap so whatever. I can live with it.

The toaster oven is on sale at ShopRite through this Saturday but, in case they run out of stock, I know that they offer rain checks at the Customer Service desk. Also, their $5 digital coupon doesn’t expire until November 28, 2015, so as long as you’ve loaded the coupon onto your ShopRite loyalty card you should be able to score the toaster oven for $14.99 for awhile.

Just thought I’d share! Hope it helps someone.