Small Palette Haul

Just a small haul that I wanted to share.

Sonia Kashuk’s limited edition Sahara Sunset collection came out earlier this spring. I purchased the Casablanca blush from this collection but sold it off because it was too similar to other blushes I already had and these days I’m all about keeping my makeup stash small. It was a really nice blush though — smooth textured and pigmented — and if I didn’t have any dupes I would’ve kept it.

At the time I’d eyed the Sonia Kashuk Desert Escape eye shadow palette from the same collection but at $19.99 it was a bit more than I was willing to spend. However, it’s been on my mind for months and last week I finally pulled the trigger and placed a order for it (it’s been sold out in stores for quite some time).

Around the same time I purchased the bareMinerals’ The Color Compatibles palette. Out of all the powder shadows I’ve ever tried, I’ve had the best luck with bareMinerals’ pressed READY formula. For the most part, they’re buttery soft with excellent color payoff (I’ve only come across a few duds), so 6 shadows in one palette for $39 seemed like a pretty good value. Plus, they’ve thrown in some face products. I’m a big fan of their pressed READY luminizers but their blushes and bronzers don’t seem to apply well to my uber dry skin. I’ve heard people with oilier skin than mine (i.e. normal/combo/oily) have better luck with those. It seems like an awesome palette, though, don’t you think? There are options for creating smokey eyes, neutral eyes and I can see how a glam look could be achieved using that yellow gold shade.

And just yesterday I spotted a limited edition display of Wet n Wild eye shadow palettes. Of course, I grabbed the most neutral one called Melrose Face. It’s been awhile since I’ve purchased any Wet n Wild products but I seem to remember them being cheaper. Melrose Face was $4.19 at CVS which seems steep for Wet n Wild. I kind of regretted the purchase as soon as I got home and realized how similar it is to the bareMinerals and Sonia Kashuk palettes and among the three I tend to prefer bareMinerals and Sonia Kashuk’s eye shadow formulas. I know people rave about Wet n Wild’s Comfort Zone, Silent Treatment and Walking on Eggshells but their shadow formula has never really worked for me. Needless to say, I’ll be listing Melrose Face on my blog sale and if it doesn’t sell I’ll take it back to the store. I’m always good about keeping my receipts.

I’ve had the Sonia Kashuk and bareMinerals palettes in my hands for a few days now but still haven’t gotten around to swatching them. I just can’t decide if I should keep both. The devil on my shoulder says yes but I know it’s probably best to limit myself to one.

I love bareMinerals READY shadows but I’d be lying to myself if I said I’d ever use the smokey or gold shades. I’m really quite boring when it comes to makeup and stick to light neutral colors. And I have my doubts about how well the cheek products would work on me. They always look beautiful in the pan but I’ve never had much luck with them. Alternatively, the Sonia Kashuk palette looks gorgeous but I don’t think I’d really use that dark burgundy brown shade and I generally prefer bareMinerals’ shadow formula to Sonia Kashuk’s. Hers isn’t bad by any means but bareMinerals is just better in my experience. Both palettes have pros and cons. Argh, decisions, decisions.

One thought on “Small Palette Haul

  1. Ach, gonna be honest, been wanting that bareMinerals palette for ages. I love smoky and gold shades, and that pastel icy lavender shade is a dear. If you ever decide against it, I’d be ready to buy it from the blog sale! =P

    I’m a huge WnW fan, especially the eyeshadows… haven’t seen that palette yet. Verrry pretty! :>

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