e.l.f. Studio Daily Moisture Stick

The e.l.f. Studio Daily Moisture Stick is a product I’ve been meaning to try for awhile but only got around to doing so just recently. emilynoel83 and a few other YouTubers rave regularly about how convenient and moisturizing it is, and as a dry skin gal my ears always perk up whenever I hear people say something’s moisturizing.

The Moisture Stick retails for $6 (0.53oz/15g) online and that’s where I purchased mine. I don’t believe I’ve seen it in stores but, then again, I haven’t really been looking.

The e.l.f. Studio Daily Moisture Stick comes packaged in a chubby, black, plastic tube with a twist-up mechanism similar to many foundation sticks on the market. When you first get it and remove the main black cap, there’s a clear protective cap inside that you need to pop off.

The product inside is a clear, solid gel stick with a texture that’s very reminiscent of those clear solid deodorants from back in the day: smooth and thin with an easy glide across the skin. (Do they still make deodorants like that nowadays? Gel deodorants these days seem to be the soft, oozy kind rather than solid.)

Freshly applied, the e.l.f. Moisture Stick looks a little dewy but within 30 seconds it sinks completely into the skin leaving no shine behind. When I touch my skin afterwards I do notice a tiny bit of a tacky feel but it’s barely noticeable.

One thing that I (and 1-2 out of every 20 online reviews I read) noticed is that the Moisture Stick has a slight fishy odor but I’m particularly sensitive when it comes to fragrance in beauty products. I only notice the fishy smell when I hold the stick directly up to my nose and take a whiff. I don’t detect any fishiness once it’s on my skin.

emilynoel83 recommends using the Moisture Stick as a touch-up stick to rehydrate concealer in the under eye area that may have dried up during the day by lightly tapping the product onto the affected area with a fingertip. I did try the Moisture Stick that way but I also wanted to see if it would work as a moisturizing primer underneath my foundation. Unfortunately, I think my skin type is just way too dry for this stick.

The Moisture Stick does hydrate the skin but in my experience the effect is very short lived. In the first five minutes it appears to refresh my makeup but past that point it actually seems to dry my skin out. Taking a look at what’s in the Moisture Stick, I noticed that silica is one of the ingredients. As a person with extremely dry skin I try to avoid certain ingredients like starch, kaolin, nylon-12, silica and talc because they absorb oil and mattify the skin. My skin doesn’t produce enough oil as it is, so I try to conserve as much as I can.

While the stick may not work for me I can see how it would work for people with more normal and balanced skin types. The Moisture Stick does contain several moisturizing plant oils in addition to the silica, so it would have the dual function of hydrating while controlling shine. Unfortunately for me, the silica coupled with my already super dry skin negates the moisturizing properties of the stick.