Old Navy Shoe & Jeans Haul

I don’t know about everyone else but Old Navy has really been killing it for me in the shoes and bottoms departments lately. I found some amazing deals on shorts at their summer clearance sale this year, so much so that I did a complete overhaul of my closet and got rid of (donated) a ton of old summer clothes and replaced them with my new purchases.

Recently, though, I popped into Old Navy just to browse and spotted some shoes on clearance.

My personal taste when it comes to shoes is casual, minimalist and classic. I don’t like anything that’s too flashy or trendy, so things like boots covered entirely in fringe and buckles or crazy prints (which I seem to be seeing a lot lately) aren’t my cup of tea. That probably sounds really boring to some people but I prefer simpler shapes and silhouettes that I know will last beyond a season.

These beige oxfords are exactly like the black pair I showed in a previous haul just in a different color. And, like the black pair, they were on clearance for $7.49 (originally $22.94). In fact, they were such a good deal, I grabbed another black pair in a smaller size for my sister.

I spotted these tan faux suede ankle boots for $13.47 (originally $34.94). They have zippers on the side so they’re a cinch to get on and off and they’re super comfortable.

Now these black ankle boots ($39.94) actually weren’t on sale but I thought they looked cute in store. Unfortunately, I’ve come to realize that I’m really more of a flats or low heels kind of gal. Looking at the photo even now I think they look super cute but actually wearing them just makes me feel awkward. I think that mainly has to do with my flat feet and how it feels more comfortable lying flat on the ground rather than arched or elevated. I’m going to see if I can exchange them for boots with lower heels.

I scored these Boyfriend straight jeans on major sale. They’re usually $36.94 but for some reason this particular light wash shade was reduced to $18. Apparently this specific style runs very small so I sized up.

I snatched the same pair of Boyfriend straight jeans in the dark wash but these weren’t marked down. I used a 40% off coupon code so it still ended up being a good buy.

Both pairs of jeans come cuffed but you can roll them up or down. I really love the length and fit. I’m about 5’8″ and 125 lbs and I got the lighter wash jeans in a size 6 and the darker wash in a size 4. The sizing of these jeans is just weird. Even though they’re the same exact style, the light wash runs really small.

I should point out that I bought the jeans online. What’s even weirder is that the same exact jeans in stores run a whole lot larger than the same jeans sold online. For my straight, non-curvy body I prefer the online jeans. The in-store jeans were baggier in the hips, waist and thighs.