Target Clearance

I know that most people are probably shopping for fall/winter now that school’s back in session but I’ve been finding some great deals at Target on summer shoes and accessories. While it may be a bit late to break them in now for some people, you can always save them for next year and it beats paying full price for similar items next summer.

These black and white polka dot sneakers were only $10.18 (regularly $16.99) and I was able to take an additional 5% off by using my Target Red Card. The rest of the shoes I found on sale at Target are sandals, so not really appropriate beyond the summer season, but these sneakers look as cute with shorts as they do with skinny jeans. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of them. If I’m being nitpicky,  I would say the white rubber part comes up a bit higher on the sides  of the shoe than I’d like but otherwise it’s a comfortable sneaker and I love the cute pattern.

These embellished sandals were only $6.98, marked down from $19.99. MakeupTIA wore them in one of her OOTD videos and they looked so cute on her that I decided to get a pair for myself. Unfortunately, they’re incompatible with my wide, flat feet. The width of the shoe is way too narrow along the instep for me, so my feet basically just hang off the sides. The soles could also do with a bit of cushioning as they’re kind of thin and hard, and the “gemstones” feel like any wrong move and they’ll just fall off. A pity since they look so cute.  I returned them.

The theory behind this bag is so cool. It’s a reversible and convertible bag that can be worn multiple ways. It was $34.98, marked down from $49.99. I returned it.

One side of the bag is black and the other is taupe (or at least that’s what the description says) but it’s really more of a blush color. You can use it as a black bag or flip the bag inside out so only the blush color shows; they’re identical on both sides. Additionally, the strap can be worn short as a shoulder bag, long as a cross body bag or looped through the attached hardware to form a backpack.

Sounds great but in reality it looks huge, slouchy and shapeless (like one big blob). I probably would’ve liked it more if it had been more structured. It also doesn’t sit prettily as a backpack on my back and kind of droops no matter how I adjusted the strap.

Sorry for the blurry pics but I just couldn’t seem to get a clear photo no matter what I did.

I also came across a few other sandals that were on major clearance in-store but decided against getting them because my feet simply aren’t pretty enough for them. But some of you with prettier feet might be interested, so I’ve linked them here and here. The ones I tried were both in neutral, silvery pewter colors but the braided pair is available in other colors too. If you can find them in store I recommend getting them there because the discounts online for these aren’t as great. That braided pair was only $7 and change in store.