Lay’s Do Us A Flavor 2015

I feel like I’ve been on the hunt for the Lay’s Do Us A Flavor chips for weeks. The stores around me are always so slow at stocking new items (both cosmetics and food) but I finally managed to find 3 out of 4 of this year’s contenders. The New York Reuben flavor continues to elude me. Could it be that it’s just so insanely delicious that it’s always out of stock? Somehow I doubt it.

I found the chips on sale at Walgreens 2/$5. I ended up buying two of the Truffle Fries flavor because I figured that sounded like a safe flavor and something that I’d probably like. A bag of Lay’s chips on its own goes for over $3 these days (yikes!) so in my mind it was more economical to get 4 bags and do the 2/$5 deal. 

So far I’ve only tried the West Coast Truffle Fries flavor but I’ve already gone through both bags that I purchased this week.

I was right. This is a flavor that I definitely like but that’s mainly because it reminds me so much of an already existing Lay’s flavor: Sour Cream & Cheddar which is one of my favorites.

West Coast Truffle Fries definitely has the same zippy, tangy, cheesy flavor as Sour Cream & Cheddar. I even took a look at the ingredients and cheddar cheese is near the top of the ingredients list (is cheddar even an ingredient that’s in truffle fries normally?) and black truffle is one of the last ingredients on the list. I honestly don’t get much of any truffle from these chips. It’s garlicky rather than oniony and a tiny bit more buttery but those are the only real differences between the two Lay’s flavors in my opinion. If you’re a fan of cheesy chips with a pungent onion/garlic flavor, you’ll like these.

I do, however, love the wavy style of chips that they used for the West Coast Truffle Fries. When I have the choice I always choose the thicker cuts of chips, like wavy or kettle chips, over the thinner, standard type of chips. Not only do I prefer the crunch and texture of thicker chips but I think that they also give more potato flavor.

Overall, West Coast Truffle Fries is a good flavor. It’s just not new or creative enough for me. Been there, done that already. I don’t understand how it made it to the semi-finals when it’s so similar to a Lay’s flavor that exists already.

Since I was unable to find New York Reuben, I decided to get a small bag of Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese which I gather was last year’s winner. I dig it. It’s another cheesy flavored chip but with a hint of smokiness. The chip style is the standard thin cut potato chip.