Old Navy Clearance Haul (Pic Heavy)

Between packing for my trip and braving the summer clearance sale crowds a couple of weeks ago, I had no time to take pictures or blog otherwise I would’ve gotten these pics up sooner while there was still a good chance people could still find these items on the racks.

I basically just went to the stores (and shopped online), grabbed whatever I thought looked cute in my size, paid and went home. The lines for the fitting rooms were insanely long and I couldn’t be bothered to wait.

Honestly, I didn’t even have time to try most of the stuff I purchased in-store before I had to leave for my trip. Additionally, I bought a ton of stuff from Old Navy’s online clearance sale, most of which arrived in the mail minutes before I had to go to the airport. I simply left everything in a pile in my bedroom to try on after I got back. I figured I could always return whatever didn’t fit. From past experience, Old Navy’s really good about returns and exchanges.

There were some great clearance deals on kids’ clothing. On my first shopping trip, I grabbed three button down boys’ shirts in the 2T size for $4.99 each. I went back to the store the day of my flight and bought another three button downs (two more in similar but different plaid and stripe patterns as well as a chambray shirt) along with a pair of olive green cargo pants that were also less than $7 apiece. Unfortunately, in my rush to get to the airport I didn’t have time to snap any pictures of those items.

Moving onto what I purchased for myself, if you recall I absolutely loved The Long Pixie Pants I bought a couple of months ago, so when I saw that they had the same pants on clearance online except in “Black Print” (marked down to $17.97 from $36.94) I had to get it too. I didn’t score as big of a discount on them as I did last time but I still did pretty well.

Note: I take a size 6 in both the full length and cropped Pixies.

At the in-store clearance sale I managed to find these Pixie ankle length chinos in the “White Scenic” pattern. They’re about an inch or two shorter than the full length Pixie pants, so they’re slightly cropped. There were a couple left on the rack but only in a size 4. I normally wear a size 6 in the Pixies and would’ve passed on these pants but something about the print was really attractive to me. It’s a seaside/resort scene print that features palm trees and Ferris wheels which I think looks cool. The material is different from the regular Pixie pants — more of a soft khaki with less stretch and a bit looser — but fits like a Size 6 on me.

The pants are regularly $34.94 but were marked down to $14.99. I went back to the store the other day and I still saw some on the clearance racks even this late in the game, so if you’re interested you might still be able to find some.

After buying and trying so many different fits and styles of shorts from Old Navy, I can tell you that I prefer their Boyfriend style shorts over all the other shorts they sell. My body’s pretty straight up and down and the Boyfriend shorts sit on my hips just right and the fit is relaxed. I love the Pixie pants but the shorts make me feel a little claustrophobic because I don’t like skin tight shorts that hug my body.

I found these awesome distressed Boyfriend Cuffed Denim Shorts in a size 4. The Boyfriend cut is looser and more relaxed so I have to go a size down. They look great but the holes for me were in awkward places, especially the one right by the panty line. I wasn’t willing to risk the chance of a wardrobe malfunction so I returned it. The price was great though. Only $10.99. If they had had them in a solid, non-distressed denim I would’ve definitely gotten and kept them.

These next two cutoff shorts looked cute hanging on the rack but on me I just don’t find them as flattering as the Boyfriend shorts. I grabbed them in a size 6 and although the waist is okay, they’re way too baggy in the hips and thighs and definitely meant for curvier bodies than mine. They were only $9.99 each but I returned both.

I had high hopes for these black twill shorts but it looked all sorts of wrong on me. The 5 inch inseam looks matronly on me and look at how the shorts bell out at the hips on my body. Clearly another pair of shorts that are meant for curvier gals. They were $12.99. Obviously I returned them.

Next up are the Sweetheart Denim Cuffed Shorts. They look cute online but on me not so much. Again, it’s obvious this was meant for someone with more generous hips and thighs. Returned.

Next, the most unflattering shorts ever. I don’t know what made me buy one let alone two pairs of these shorts. I first got them in a size 6 (on the right). The pleats on the front of the shorts bulge out so it looked so weird on me. I decided to exchange them for a size 4 (on the left) hoping it would be better. Nope, definitely not. Returned.

I saw these floral shorts online months ago and had been lusting after them so when I found them on clearance in-store I was so excited. Unfortunately, the material is thin and feels chintzy and they’re just really baggy in a droopy drawers kind of way. They’re cute at a distance but not close up. Returned.

This smocked skirt seemed like a great find at the time but once I had it on it looked really dated. Returned.

I love the Boyfriend shorts but this patched pair with the 5 inch inseam just isn’t flattering. I much prefer the shorter 3.5 inch inseam on me. Returned.

I found a pair of these printed Pixie chinos in the store in a size 4 (left) but later found them in my regular size 6 (right) so I did an exchange. As you can see I can fit into a 4 but I didn’t like how skin tight it was against my pelvic region. They were only $10.99 each.

I bought three pairs of white shorts but only kept one. The pair on the left are the white Twill Shorts, same as the black I mentioned above and I returned them for the same reason (too baggy in the hips). The next pair were the denim Boyfriend shorts which looked pretty good on me but were a little too snug for my comfort. Honestly, I would’ve kept them anyway because they’re quite stretchy but I didn’t need two pairs of white shorts. The last pair which I kept are also Boyfriend shorts except in canvas material. Strangely, even though they’re the same Boyfriend style, the canvas has a looser, more relaxed fit than the denim version.

Next up are perhaps my favorite and most worn pair of shorts this summer. They’re Boyfriend canvas shorts, just like the white pair above, but in a darker smoky black color. They were $10.99. A keeper.

These are also Boyfriend shorts except in denim and with a subtle floral pattern. The material feels completely different from the white denim Boyfriend shorts. Those were stretchy and tighter whereas these don’t have much, if any, stretch and are more relaxed. I believe they were only $7.99. A keeper.

Another keeper. These are the Boyfriend surplus canvas shorts which were only $7.99.

These are also Boyfriend canvas shorts in the same cut and style as my white and smoky black pair but in a lime green color. Unfortunately I was only able to find it in a size 2. I’m still debating whether or not I should keep it. I can fit into them but they’re not as loose and comfy as my other size 4 Boyfriend shorts. I’m going to hang onto them for now and see if anyone returns a size 4 to the store so I can do an exchange.

These are the cuffed Bermuda shorts and they’re perhaps the only pair here that I feel would look better on me if they were more skin tight in the thighs. Returned.

These are the stretch twill shorts. The overall fit in the thighs, hip and waist is nice and I would’ve kept them if they had just been a smidgen looser in the crotch region. It was borderline camel toe territory. TMI. Returned.

I found a bunch of shoes — all flats — on clearance, all of which I kept. There are two pairs of plimsolls (chambray and navy print), one pair of canvas slips ons with a sailboat/palm/island print, and a pair of black oxfords. If I remember correctly, the shoes were all $7.99 each which I thought was pretty awesome considering they’re normally $20+ each.

I kept more than I returned (19 vs. 15) so all in all I’m pleased with my clearance haul. I normally hate returning items, especially makeup, but I don’t feel so bad about returning clothes. The tags are all still attached and it’s not like they’re going to toss anything out the way they would with returned makeup. And at least now for the future I know which styles (Pixie and Boyfriend) I should stick to at Old Navy and which I should avoid (everything else).