Target, Old Navy and Payless Clearance Haul

As you can probably tell, I haven’t been doing a whole lot of makeup shopping lately. There just haven’t been any great deals or new products that have pulled me in. Maybe there’ll be something in the upcoming fall collections that will catch my eye.

I have, however, been doing a lot of clothes and accessories shopping these past few weeks. Well, a lot for me anyway. The deals have just been too good to resist.

Old Navy Women’s Boyfriend Canvas Shorts, Target Wallet

I never have much luck finding clothes in the clearance section at Old Navy. Shoes are okay. I wear a size 9 in shoes, which is a bit bigger than average, so whenever I go to the store there’s a 50/50 chance I’ll find something.  Actual tops and bottoms, however, are difficult. It’s rare that I find anything in my size. Usually the only clearance clothes left on the racks are either in XXL or XS sizes (or size 0 and size 14).

But I lucked out this time and found a pair of shorts! They’re the Women’s Boyfriend Canvas Shorts in Black Cat, normally $22.94 but on clearance for $12.49. They’re not a true black but more of a smokey brownish gray.

BTW I’m wearing the Old Navy canvas slip ons that I got at their winter clearance sale with the Boyfriend shorts. The shoes are extremely comfortable. I’m so glad I bought two pairs so I’ll have a backup when I eventually wear out this pair! That’ll probably take awhile because so far these are holding up really well.

Old Navy Women’s Boyfriend Canvas Shorts

Target Wallet

At Target I spotted this bright green wallet on clearance. They also had some in a powdery pink and fuchsia pink but this kelly? grass? green color really spoke to me. I personally love wallets that zip all the way around. They feel more secure to me. And I love all the little pockets it has. There are 8 card slots, two long slots for paper money on each side, and a central zippered compartment for coins.

The wallet retails for $14.99 but was on clearance for $7.48.

Payless Minicci Women’s Quilted Shirley Tote

I’m usually a strictly crossbody purse type of gal but this season has definitely been the summer of the totes for me. And, more specifically, the summer of Payless clearance totes.

I never paid attention much to the bags at Payless before so I don’t know if they’ve always had such nice bags but I’ve just been finding a lot of cute ones there lately…and for super cheap!

My most recent score is the Women’s Quilted Shirley Tote, normally $34.99 marked down to $10. I used a 20% off coupon code for additional savings and ended up getting the bag for $8 plus tax.

Payless Minicci Women’s Quilted Shirley Tote

I’m not normally a fan of quilted bags, especially ones that are quilted all over like those Chanel purses. That much quilting is just too OTT for me. However, a little bit of quilting as an accent I can do.

I love the simplicity of the black and white faux leather and how the quilting makes the bag look a lot more expensive than it really is. The quilting is actually very well done: super soft and cushiony.

The only things I’m not too crazy about are the metallic gold interior and the lobster clasp. I would’ve preferred a more subdued lining on the inside and a zipper closure but for $8 I’m not going to complain.

The bag measures 16x13x6 which is slightly larger than the Elena totes.

Payless Minicci Women’s Quilted Shirley Tote

Payless Minicci Women’s Quilted Shirley Tote

Payless Minicci Women’s Quilted Shirley Tote

Payless Minicci Women’s Quilted Shirley and Elena Totes