Payless Haul

Continuing my fashion haul, I took advantage of the clearance sale that’s currently going on at Payless to buy some dirt cheap shoes and bags.

A couple of summers ago I bought a pair of $100+ leather flat sandals. They looked beautiful at the time but they didn’t hold up very well. Since then I swore to myself that I would never spend so much on sandals ever again. I learned my lesson. A high price tag doesn’t equal high quality.

This summer I’ve been looking for a pair of inexpensive, simple black and brown sandals, shoes that’ll go well with jeans, shorts or knee-length summer dresses. I remember seeing these particular Payless sandals earlier in the year but it wasn’t until their summer clearance sale that I decided to finally bite the bullet and get them.

These sandals honestly couldn’t be any simpler. They’re faux leather slingback flat sandals. I personally always go for slingbacks over sandals with ankle straps because I think they make legs look longer. Ankle straps visually “cut” legs off at the ankles and make legs look a lot shorter in my opinion.

Overall, I like the sandals but I have to say that they definitely look better on the feet than in the box. They’re everything I was looking for in a sandal: simple, basic, inexpensive and really comfortable.

These sandals are regularly $26.99 but are currently on clearance for $12. If you use a 20% code — and there’s usually one floating around online — like I did, the total comes out to $9.60 per pair.

ETA: As good a deal as they were, I decided to return the sandals. They were comfortable and looked all right on my feet but I wasn’t too happy with the way they fit. The front band nearest the toes was just a bit too big, loose and wide. I would’ve preferred a snugger fit personally.

I also decided to get their Elena tote in plain black and the black/white pattern. These bags are normally $34.99 but are on clearance right now for $10. I used a 20% off code and got them for $8 each.

These tote bags are surprisingly nice. They’re lightweight 100% vinyl on the exterior so they’ll be easy to wipe clean and they’re lined with polyester fabric on the interior. Even the bottom of the bag is vinyl.

The shoulder straps are nice and long so they fit comfortably under the arm and aren’t crammed up under the armpit.

I especially love that there aren’t any visible logos on the bags. I don’t care if it’s Louis Vuitton, Coach or Payless but I hate logos on bags. The Payless bags do come with branded fobs looped around the handles but they’re easy to detach.

A simple magnetic closure secures the bag.