Old Navy Haul

I wanted to drop on by and share some sale buys that I made recently. I was going to do one big clothing/accessories haul post but there were too many photos so I decided to break them up into two separate posts that are less pic heavy.

Old Navy’s been running a bunch of sales lately, getting rid of a lot of their summer inventory in preparation for the fall. I picked up a few items during their most recent 40% in-store promotion.

Being pretty flat chested I practically live in sports bras and I’m always on the lookout for ones that don’t have cups built in. I’m really much too flat for cups or wires. When I spotted these really simple ruched bras with racer backs at Old Navy I had to grab some. They’re normally $14.94 and available in several colors but I went with black and gray. I wish they came in a white or nude color too but all in all I’m happy with the quality and cut.

On sale, the total came out to $8.96 per bra which is pretty great. The cheapest sports bras at Target and Walmart were $14-$16. I ended up getting 5 in the black and 1 in the gray color.

I also came saw these criss-cross clogs and decided to get both colors in the nude and orange. On their website Old Navy calls it red and in pictures it’s coming  across as really red but in person they’re really more of a bright red orange.

These shoes have a 2.5 inch heel, faux wood sole and a lightly padded interior. They’re extremely light and a lot more comfortable than I expected.

I mainly got the shoes because awhile back I purchased a bunch of jeans at a boutique closeout sale. The jeans are all super long and rather than pay to get them hemmed I decided that it might be easier and cheaper to buy some heels instead.

The shoes are normally $32.94 each but with the 40% sale and some store rewards bucks my total came out to $17-ish per pair which isn’t too bad.