Born Pretty Store Review #2

Born Pretty Store

If you’ve been following my blog, a couple of months ago Born Pretty Store contacted me about trying some of their products in return for honest reviews. You can read my reviews for the three products I tried here but to put it simply: I loved one item, I liked one item, and I was meh about the third.

Nevertheless, even though I didn’t rave about all of the items, Born Pretty was really happy with the thoroughness and objectivity of my reviews so when they asked me if I’d be interested in testing and reviewing even more items I said heck yeah! I love and support companies that can handle honest opinions and criticism. And I love trying beauty products.

Born Pretty Store

They let me select 5 items this time, so I chose the following:

And as a pleasant surprise, Born Pretty threw in an extra sixth item:

Born Pretty Lip Stain #4

I absolutely loved the lip stain I received last time and mentioned in my blog post that I’d love to try more shades in the future. Who knew an opportunity would come so quickly? Certainly not me. This time around I chose the Red Purple Liquid Lip Gloss Multicolor Moisturizing Long Lasting Liquid Lip Stick 7 Colors in shade #4, a bright red-orange.

Born Pretty Lip Stain #4. Clockwise from top left: bare lips, 1 layer, 2 layers.

To recap in case you didn’t read my previous blog post, these lip stains come in nail polish-sized, frosted glass bottles with brush applicators. The formula is thin, watery and fragrance-free. If you’ve ever tried Benefit Benetint, these are similar in consistency but  way more pigmented. The color is buildable: one layer will give you a natural MLBB (my lips but better) type of effect while two or more layers will result in a bolder, more intense effect. To remove, I find that an oil-based makeup remover is your best bet as this product does really does stain the lips.

The lip stains can also double as cheek stains but a word of advice if you want to use them as blushes: dab some of the product onto a clean makeup palette and then use a stippling brush to apply the stain to the cheeks. I wouldn’t recommend applying the stain directly onto the cheeks with the applicator that comes with the product because these stain and set very quickly on the skin.

Born Pretty Lip Stain: #4 vs. #6

At first glance the Born Pretty lip stains in #4 and #6 look really similar, not only in the bottles but freshly swatched. However, the differences become apparent once they’re blended out on the skin.

Lip stain #4 is a reddish orange whereas lip stain #6 is more of a strawberry color. Both are gorgeous, bright colors that are perfect for the summer.

Maybelline Fiery Flora, Born Pretty Lip Stain #4, BECCA Papaya

If you missed out on the limited edition Maybelline Matte Blush Stick in Fiery Flora that was released a few months ago, you’re in luck because the Born Pretty lip stain #4 is very similar. Of course the Maybelline’s a cream blush while the Born Pretty lip stain’s a liquid but the colors are very, very close. Fiery Flora is just the tiniest bit pinker but not by much. Compared to those two, BECCA Papaya is much more orange. I originally thought it might have been a match for the lip stain but it’s not.

Born Pretty Lip Gloss

When I was browsing the Born Pretty site, the Pink Lip Gloss For Bite Lips Makeup Beauty Natural Moisturizing Lipstick really intrigued me because I wasn’t quite sure what this product was or did. The product title calls it a pink gloss but in some of the promo pics it looks clear on the lips and in other photos it looks bright fuchsia. I selected it on the assumption that it’s a color changing lip gloss and my guess proved right.

The Born Pretty lip gloss comes packages in a plastic squeeze tube. I’m not too crazy about the applicator or lack thereof. Personally, I would’ve liked to have seen a slant tip applicator which would’ve been much more convenient and easy to use.

Born Pretty Lip Gloss (it stains!)

Freshly squeezed out of the tube the lip gloss is completely clear and fragrance-free with a smooth consistency and plenty of slip. To me it feels extremely similar in texture to Vaseline Lip Therapy and Jack Black lip balm in the squeeze tubes, so if you love either of those you’ll probably love this too. The main difference with the Born Pretty lip gloss is that it develops a sheer pink tint as soon as it hits the skin and it also has a slight staining effect.

Bare Lips, Born Pretty Lip Gloss

Although the color changing effect of this lip gloss is subtle I’m really enjoying it. I personally like the texture as well as the natural tint and glossy shine it provides but I like it mainly for keeping my lips moisturized. Like I said, it’s very similar to Vaseline Lip Therapy and Jack Black but has the added bonus of color.

In addition to all of the things I’ve already mentioned, another pro about the lip gloss is you get a TON of product: 0.88 oz. For reference, a Jack Black lip balm only comes with 0.25 oz of product.

Born Pretty Lip Tattoo

Both times I’ve chosen products from Born Pretty, I’ve selected one item that I’m pretty certain I’ll like. That’s my “safe” item so, on the chance I hate everything else, at least there’ll be one saving grace. After that I kind of go crazy and select what catches my fancy, particularly the gimmicky or crazy sounding items.

This time I found myself drawn towards the Magic Lip Mask Lip Tattoo Tint Pack Sexy Red Long Lasting Lip Gloss Lip Stick 5 Colors. Based on the online swatches, I picked shade #5 which I had hoped would give me an orange stain but unfortunately it’s more of a deep fuchsia.

The ideal customer for this product is someone who loves peel-off facial masks…or someone who loved smearing Elmer’s white glue on their hands and then peeling it off as a kid. The Born Pretty Lip Tattoo basically combines that peeling factor with an intense lip stain.

Born Pretty Lip Tattoo

The product comes in a plastic squeeze tube with a slant tip applicator. I normally love this type of packaging for lip products but I had some serious issues with this one and paired with the lip tattoo formula it was kind of disastrous. The problem with the packaging is the hole in the applicator is a little too big. Combine that with a liquid lip stain and you’ve got an oozy mess on your hands. Always keep the tube capped when not in use and upright when in use to prevent spillage.

Freshly squeezed out of the tube, the lip tattoo has a thin yet dense consistency that’s very tacky. It’s also fragrance-free. In terms of feel, it kind of reminds me of a liquid lipstick except with a very noticeable tackiness. The thing with the lip tattoo is as soon as it’s dispensed it starts to set/dry/transform into a thin, stretchy skin, so you need to work very quickly. That’s nearly impossible because of the applicator shape which is very large and rounded. The applicator combined with the quick drying formula makes it difficult to apply an even layer or keep the product within the borders of your lips.

Born Pretty Lip Tattoo. Clockwise from top left: Bare lips, Born Pretty Lip Tattoo pre-peel, Born Pretty Lip Tattoo post-peel

When I initially applied the product to my lips there were areas that I missed so I tried going over them again but that was really hard to do. The lip tattoo doesn’t layer easily over itself once it’s started to dry and develop that stretchy, latex-like skin which is almost immediately. Rather than trying to glide the applicator over the first layer which will just result in dragging off the “skin” that’s forming, it’s much easier to dab extra product over the patchy areas to fill in the blank spots and clean up any mistakes with a Q-tip and makeup remover.

The lip tattoo stains the mouth almost instantaneously but I waited a couple of minutes before attempting to pull the “skin” off. Tip: try not to move or open your mouth when you apply it or while you’re waiting for the lip tattoo to set because it’ll get all over your teeth. It won’t stain your teeth but it’ll be messy and unattractive and you’ll need to brush your teeth afterward. And don’t try to smooth the product out on your lips with your fingertips because it’ll stain them badly.

What you’re left with once you pull the “skin” off is a very bright and intense lip stain. Surprisingly, even though it didn’t go on evenly and I had to go over certain spots to patch it up, the end result on the lips looks pretty even and consistent in color. I was expecting it to look really blotchy once I peeled away the “skin” but amazingly it didn’t.

All in all, the lip tattoo’s a fun product. I can see myself pulling it out every once in awhile to play with when I have some free time on a weekend but it’s not something I foresee myself using regularly. It requires a lot of time and patience, not to mention cotton buds, tissues and makeup remover to clean up any messes. However, the color payoff is bold and pigmented and the stain is very long wearing and budge-proof.

Born Pretty Brush Egg

When I spotted the 1Pc Brush Cleaning Egg Practical Cute Egg Design Makeup Brush Cleaning Tools(Random Color) in Born Pretty’s online store I knew I had to try it. To put it simply, it’s a brush cleaning aid. Think of it as a mini washboard for your brushes.

Honestly, the main reason I wanted to give the Born Pretty Brush Egg a try is because it seems to do the same job as the very expensive $39 Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove but in a smaller, more convenient size at a much more affordable price.

Born Pretty Brushegg

The Brush Egg is made of a thick, rubbery, silicone material that’s slightly domed and smooth on one side and flat with ridges and bumps for scrubbing brushes on the other side.

An opening at one end of the egg allows you to stick your fingers inside of it and hold it while washing your brushes. I’ve seen photos of of people using the Brush Egg by sticking their index and/or middle fingers into it but I prefer putting my thumb into the slot instead. If I only stick my index finger into the Brush Egg, it wobbles and spins around my finger too much but if I try to stuff my pointer and middle fingers into it the fit is too tight.

Personally, I prefer to stick my thumb into the Brush Egg and cradle the rounded side with my other fingers. I feel like this method gives me the most control and stability when I’m washing my brushes with the Brush Egg.

Born Pretty Brushegg

I didn’t expect to like the Brush Egg as much as I do but it’s so easy to use. It not only cuts down on the time it takes me to clean my brushes but also the amount of effort and energy I expend on cleaning my brushes.

When I use this gadget, I first wet it completely then squeeze out a single drop of cleaner (I use a baby shampoo) directly onto the Brush Egg. That’s another great thing about this device: I’ve noticed that I need to use way less cleaner when I use the egg because it lathers like crazy. As soon as I start running my dampened brush up and down the ridges of the egg I get a nice, thick foam developing which doesn’t happen to this degree when I go eggless and only use my hands to clean my brushes.

It seriously takes less energy, less time, and less product to clean my brushes with the Brush Egg than without that I almost enjoy doing this chore now. It’s a surprisingly useful tool that I had nearly written off as nothing more than a gimmick. Good thing I gave it a chance.

Born Pretty Brush Guard

The last product I selected to try was the 100cm Creative Slim DIY Mesh Bag For Makeup Brush which is basically Born Pretty’s version of the Brush Guard. The difference is that instead of getting pre-cut pieces, you get one long piece that you can cut to custom fit your brushes. It takes a tiny bit of effort on your part but in return you get way more product. I think with the actual Brush Guard you only get about 4-6 pieces for about $9 but with the Born Pretty version you get 100 cm (or a little over 39 inches) for a fraction of the price.

Born Pretty Brush Guard

If you’ve never tried any type of brush guard, it’s basically an incredibly stretchy, plasticky, breathable mesh netting that you slip over your brushes to shape and protect the bristles.

You know how with most brushes they’ll splay and lose their original shapes with use over time? Well, with brush guards you wash your brushes like normal, blot them dry and then slip a piece of the brush guard over each brush. Normally I lay my brushes down over the edge of a table to dry but when I use the Born Pretty brush guards I prefer to lay a piece of towel down on a table and prop the brushes up against something sturdy so they can drain downwards.

Born Pretty Brush Guard

The benefit of the netting is it allows the bristles to air dry while reshaping the brush. Once the brush is completely dry, pull off the brush guard and your brush will look as good as new: really tight and compact.

The brush guards are also great for traveling or for those who carry brushes with them in their purses because they’ll help protect and maintain the brush shape even when you’re on the go.

I think the Born Pretty brush guards are fantastic and an amazing value. I was worried that since it only came in one size that it wouldn’t fit over my thickest brushes, like the Ecotools Bronzer Brush, but the material is very stretchy so it fits over bigger brushes as easily as over thinner ones.

I cut four pieces for four of my brushes and by my estimate I have enough material left over to make at least another nine brush guards. I could perhaps squeeze out a bit more if I only need to fit small brushes. In other words, I think 100 cm of material will give you approximately 12-15 brush guards, more or less depending on how fat/thin your brushes are. In my opinion, that’s a very good value for your money. And the brush guards are reusable, so even better.

Born Pretty Mini Beauty Blender

Born Pretty was nice enough to toss in an extra, the 1Pc Mini Beauty Blender Double In Size When Damp Powder Puff Sponge Concealer Tools, for me to try.

To be perfectly honest, when I was picking out items to review none of the beauty sponges on the Born Pretty website even crossed my mind. You see, I’m a longtime user of the real beautyblender but I once bought a beautyblender dupe off of ebay to try to save some money. Unfortunately, it was so incredibly hard and firm and had none of the squishiness or give of the original. After that experience, I gave up on trying cheaper alternatives and decided to stick with the real deal. My personal preference is the black version (beautyblender Pro) because although it fades slightly over time it never looks as grungy as the pink or white ones. Even with a really good wash, makeup will eventually stain the beautyblenders a bit but it’s harder to tell with the black one.

My beautyblender is a bit faded and dirty at the moment but that’s because I use it every morning. I used it that morning when I snapped these photos before I had a chance to wash it. However, it’s completely dry. I know that you’re supposed to soak the beautyblender in water, squeeze it out and use it damp to apply foundation but I don’t really like it that way. All of my liquid/cream foundations are light to medium coverage, so when I use a damp beautyblender to apply them to my face it sheers the coverage out too much for my liking. I prefer to apply my foundations with my fingers or Up & Up Complexion Brush and then lightly blot with a DRY beautyblender to remove any streaks or excess foundation that may have settled into my pores and fine lines. I find that that combination gives me the smoothest and most flawless finish.

Born Pretty Mini Beauty Blender (dry) vs. beautyblender Pro, Born Pretty Mini Beauty Blender (wet) vs. beautyblender Pro

As you can see, the Born Pretty mini beauty blender is a lot smaller than the standard beautyblender. I went ahead and wet it, then squeezed it dry and you can see that when damp it grows a bit but it’s still a fraction of the size of the dry black beautyblender.

The best and most surprising thing about the Born Pretty mini beauty blender is that it has almost as much bounciness and give as the original beautyblender. I think that it’s the tiniest bit firmer than my black beautyblender but I’ve owned the black one for awhile so it might have just softened a bit with age. Nevertheless, the Born Pretty sponge is nowhere near as rock hard as that ebay dupe I once purchased.

I’ve heard beautyblender actually makes a mini version too but I’ve never tried theirs so I can’t compare but I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the Born Pretty version. I’ve been using it mostly underneath my eyes, around my nostrils and other hard to reach areas to blot and smooth away my foundation and concealer and it’s worked perfectly for that purpose. But, honestly, I still prefer the larger, standard sized sponge over the mini because I think it’s more versatile.

Overall, I have to say I made out quite well with this group of items. I loved or liked the majority of them. The only exception was the lip tattoo. It was too messy for me and the color wasn’t my cup of tea but it was still a fun product and I’m glad I had the opportunity to try it.

I still highly recommend the liquid lip stains. Both colors I’ve tried (#4 and #6) have had excellent color payoff and were easy to use. That would be my top rec out of everything in this blog post.

The three beauty tools all came as pleasant surprises. I didn’t expect much from them but they all delivered. The Brush Egg seemed gimmicky at first but it does exactly what it claims. And I was prepared to write off the brush guard and mini beauty blender as inferior, cheap knockoffs except they perform brilliantly. I honestly have no complaints and now I’m curious about Born Pretty’s other sponges. Maybe they make an equally good dupe of the larger, original beuatyblender.

I like the lip gloss. It’s a nice alternative to the similarly textured Vaseline Lip Therapy and Jack Black lip balm except with a subtle tint. The product’s good and one that I’ll continue to use. It’s worth trying but not a must have in my opinion.

If any of the items I reviewed today interest you, then please take advantage of the 10% off code MSYG10 and click on over to the Born Pretty store through the link below. I’m not getting any commission from it.