More thBalm Balm Desert & BECCA Swatches

BECCA Bolero, theBalm Balm Desert, BECCA Sweet Pea

After I put up my Balm Desert blog post yesterday I realized that I had forgotten to do a swatch comparison for you with BECCA Sweet Pea.

BECCA Bolero, theBalm Balm Desert, BECCA Sweet Pea

Although I adore it, I always feel bad mentioning BECCA Bolero because it’s been discontinued. It’s a great rosy bronzer/blush that has fantastic pigmentation and is also completely matte. If you’re familiar with it, Benefit Dallas is kind of similar in color but less pigmented, slightly less rosy and quite shimmery.

A BECCA blush from the current collection that’s the most similar to Bolero is Sweet Pea. It’s obviously not a dupe — Sweet Pea is peachier and brighter with a tiny bit of microshimmer — but  it’s something people can still get their hands on and applied in a light layer and buffed out it’ll give you a similar effect: a warm, earthy nude type of look.

Balm Desert is a lot lighter and pinker with a much shinier finish (it’s a little frosty in my opinion) than either BECCA blush.