Veggie Burgers & Spinach Salad with Miso Dressing

Veggie Burgers & Spinach Salad with Miso Dressing

I’m constantly on the lookout for tasty recipes to try and recently discovered these recipes for veggie burgers and salad dressing. They’re both vegan/vegetarian dishes but I’m a true omnivore. I’ll eat anything and everything and I’m always up for trying something new and different. Good food is good food regardless of what is or isn’t in it. In my opinion, it’s all a matter of preparation and seasoning. Personally, I love vegetables as much as meats and seafood.

Veggie Burgers

The veggie burger recipe comes from the Working Class Foodies channel on YouTube. It’s super simple, basically just chop, bake, mix, shape and pan fry.

Rather than veggie burgers I’d call these veggie patties. When I think burgers I picture something sandwiched between two pieces of bread that you can hold in your hands and eat. These patties are way too delicate for that. If you tried to eat these like burgers they’d crumble apart on you. They’re definitely more of a fork and spoon type of patty.

Veggie Burgers

Besides being very tasty, these patties are also super healthy. There are carrots, corn, rice,  beans, peppers, onions, garlic, mushrooms and herbs in them. I chopped up some basil and roasted that in the oven together with everything else so it would infuse the veggies with flavor but you could use any herb really. And later on right before I shaped the patties I added more basil for a bright greeen pop of color and a bit of freshness.

You could just eat the roasted veggies mixed with rice and beans as kind of a veggie fried rice at this point and it would taste great. However, I added an optional egg  (making it non-vegan) and bread crumbs to bind all of the ingredients together and then pan seared the patties on the stove. In my opinion, pan frying is a must as it gives the patties a crispy crust and toasty, nutty flavor.

The recipe produced enough for 8 patties. I served 2 patties per person plus the salad and it was really filling. Not a surprise. With all of the veggies, rice and legumes here, there’s a ton of fiber to be had.

Veggie Burgers

The salad was an afterthought. My local supermarket puts veggies on deep discount at the end of each day and that day I purchased a huge bag containing  9 bunches of spinach for $1. Hardly any of the spinach was wilted so it was a great deal.

Spinach is one of the few vegetables that I dislike. I like the flavor but spinach always leaves a furry coating on my teeth (due to the oxalic acid) that I find annoying, especially if I eat it raw. For that reason, I decided to blanch the spinach, drained it, wrung out the excess water and then chopped it up for a salad.

I took inspiration from both Bon Appetit and the New York Times‘ Miso-Ginger Dressings but left out the fresh ginger since I find it too spicy when it’s raw. I added some sesame oil and swapped out the fresh garlic for garlic powder (again, not a fan of the spicy bite of raw ginger or garlic) and the end result was still really tasty. For a finishing touch, I sprinkled some toasted sesame seeds on top to make the salad pretty.

I would make both dishes again. I’m already thinking of using the same dressing over kale or chicory next time.

Veggie Burgers